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Tag: sqlite

Load data from Flask/Python to HTML textarea

I am trying to send data from Python / Flask to an HTML form textarea but need some help. responses.html is shown below. A portion of is shown below: I would like to display any previously recorded responses in the response textarea of responses.html while preserving the placeholder when no previous response was received from the user. Answer I

How can I perform search operation using raw sql query in django SQLITE

I’m trying to search string in the STAT table’s detection field like below: Here, when I give the word or some character which are contained in detection_class, it returns an error message like thisTypeError(‘not all arguments converted during string formatting’)),. and also if I try like detection_class=%s it works properly when gives while word else it returns None. Answer Don’t

Run Loop If Value Does Not Exist in Database

#update – I fixed the syntax error moving a ), but it still doesn’t work as intended. Now it runs the loop even with a duplicate, which is not the intent. I’m trying to add a list of quotes to a database, but only if the author doesn’t already exist. I’m getting a syntax error here, and no existing posts

Getting “sqlite3.ProgrammingError: Incorrect number of bindings supplied” when splitting lines from file and inserting into database

I’m trying to import data from a csv file to a existing database, the database has 4 columns called product_id, Firstname, Lastname, Address and this is the code for the csv import; But I keep getting the error sqlite3.ProgrammingError: Incorrect number of bindings supplied. The current statement uses 4, and there are 1 supplied. What am I doing wrong? Answer

Iterating through records with SQL INSERT activated stops after first set of INSERTS, but using PRINT to test goes through EVERY record (as desired)

Python 3.10.2 with sqlite3 on Windows 10. Relatively new to Python, but I was quite experienced with Perl around 1997-2005. Banged my head against this for three days. Attacked from lots of angles. No success. I’m asking for guidance, because I don’t see myself progressing on my own at this point without help flipping on the light-switch. My overall application