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Tag: multithreading

Merge using threads not working in python

I have to merge two lists and every time a full the lists in order to merge them , but what is happening that I did it like this : but what is happening that filling_buffer_thread and create_inverted_index_thread just called one time, and not working again, when I debugged the code I see that filling_buffer_thread stopped I don’t know if

How can I prevent other threads from running when a certain condition is met?

I created a situation in which two threads run continuously. My intention is to prevent all other threads from running when the “Printing Alphabet” portion of the “printAlphabet” function is entered, and when this prioritized thread is done running, all threads resume execution until the condition is met again. The “anotherThread” function continues to run even when this section is

Python: will a thread ever unblock while hanging on a `Queue.get(block=True)` call if the queue is suddenly destroyed from another thread/process?

TLDR: Would a blocking get be unblocked by a queue that would be terminated in some way? Long question: Okay, so I know that the thread will hang if the queue (multiprocessing.Queue) remains empty forever while trying to fetch something from it with a blocking get. But suppose now that in another thread or process, I close the queue with