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Tag: numpy

Scipy ifft gives different results with seemingly identical input

Why would xcorr and xcorr2 be quite different here? M1 and M2 are numpy matrices. M1.shape[0] = M2.shape[0]. xcorr is what I would expect with this operation, but xcorr2 is something totally different and has imaginary numbers. xcorr does not have imaginary numbers. Answer Try giving xcorr and xcorr2 dtype=complex. According to scipy docs, the output from both fft and

Finding location of subarray in numpy array

I want to find the location of a subarray in an numpy array. For example, if the large array is of shape (10000, 10, 10, 10), namely 10000 arrays of shape (10,10,10) and I want to find the location of the subarray of shape (3,3,3) as follows: So I will know that at the location of n, i, j, k