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Tag: numpy

if and else in Convolution function

I have a problem with use if and else statement in convolution function. this code return error: use any() or all() how to can i use condition in convolve? I hope you always good luck. thanks. Answer The name function is called with a numpy array as the parameter. “Is the array less than 300?” isn’t meaningful. Are all the

Vector Calculations in Pandas

I have CSV file with Vector3 values exported from a C# program. I would like to use vector operations (like calculating the distance etc.) in pandas. As far as I have seen, there is no Vector3 type in pandas. np.array offers this kind of operations but it is not available in pandas. What is the easiest way to accomplish vector

How to assign values to multiple columns using conditions for values from other multiple columns?

Dataset is something like this (there will be duplicate rows in the original): Code: Output should be this: Code: ‘series1′ column values starts row by row as 0, 1, 2, and so on but resets to 0 when: ’email_ID’ column value changes. ‘screen’ column value == ‘rewardapp.PaymentFinalConfirmationActivity’ ‘series2’ column values starts with 0 and increments by 1 whenever ‘series1’ resets.

Optimization problem for S-I-S model using python

I have a susceptible-infectious-susceptible model, to which I’ve written the following python code, And I’m solving it using the following code, This part is fine. I’m having trouble finding the double derivative and optimizing it for the value of the beta parameter. The problem is that the beta is not given and since that parameter is within the exponential function,