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Split a string from a textfile correctly

i have a file (“text.txt”) with several lines (~5000000 lines). I’m trying to split a line so that: becomes this two lines: so essentially i want to transform a single line into two lines and write it back to another file. All the lines that has to be split starts with the character “” (underscore) and a number or number+”-“+number.

Advanced string manipulation in Python

I’m trying to get only the value that are after the string 2021 from the following string: I need to get those 2 values separated (first one has to be 168088000000 and the second one has to be 61271000000 in this case). They have to be preceded by 2021 (and the result should give only the 2 numbers I mentioned

How do you change a string that is already in the console?

I’m trying to make a typing thingy where you type what time delay you would like and what the string you want to output is and then it slowly types each letter: I just have one problem. I want the string to output in one line but each letter at a different time, but I can only make it so

How to sort the contents of a list?

I have the following list: I need to make a list of book titles ordered by year, with the underscore character and the year removed. For example, the first book title should be “SecretOfChimneys”. Call your list booktitles. Is there a way to use the fact that titles are already sorted by year in books and just select the tiles

Best practice when substring is missing from string

I’m extracting data from an API and one of the fields is a string from which i want to extract multiple substrings(7 ideally). To get those substring I’m using the index() method. There could be cases when one or more of these substrings(Reason ,Improvements_Done, Improvements_Planned etc) could be missing from the string. For example if “Improvements_Planned” is missing then i