Flipping a binary in a string

I am new to python and coding in general. So what I am trying to achieve is to flip each bit in a binary string (for eg. if I input ‘110’ the output should be ‘001’). I specifically need to use the while loop and I need to define it as a function. Here is what I’ve tried so far: however it just returns the empty new_string as defined in the beginning. What’s wrong with my code? any help would be greatly appreciated Answer You were comparing the array index and not the element. Fixed that in the code below.

Compare string like ‘1,2,3’ and ‘3,1,2’ to be set as equals in Python [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 2 days ago. Improve this question I have a strings like ‘1,2,3’ and ‘3,1,2’in a list, is there any way to compare these two strings and check that they are the same? I have a lis a = [‘G1G2G3,G4,G10’,’G4,G1G2G3,G10], i need a[0] == a[1] to return TRUE Answer Convert each string to a set, and compare the results.

Finding a specific string in a Dataframe column

I’m trying to retrieve one row of data from my Dataframe created from a csv file accessed via URL. I’m using… df1[‘Statistic Element’].str.contains(‘Mean rainfall’) …to determine the row containing the data I require however python does not recognize the .str element of the dataframe? DF1.info() The code works fine using a test dataframe so I’m wondering if there is a problem with the csv? Answer remove decode and StringIO and try again. here I have downloaded your ‘.csv’ file and renamed it “cs.csv”. nothing is wrong with it:

How to extract certain string out of long url kind of string in python using pandas

How to use regex in pandas to extract below field. the below is one of my pandas dataframe column value, but i wanted to only extract ‘eastus’ and keep it as value for this field. how to filter this. this position is always fixed Sample df: command i tried: but its not working Error: any suggestion please Answer

Splitting list of strings based on a character in each string ( Python )

So i have a list of strings that looks like this : This is how the list is generated and made readable (“video” is a list of selenium webelements ) : What i want to do is SPLIT this list into two other lists based on ONE specific character in each element like so : My end goal is to be able to have only the numbers in the elements as a float and multiply each element by their appropriate amount ( K = *1000 and M = *1000000 ) like : I’m new to python (coding in general tbh)

Call many python functions from a module by looping through a list of function names and making them variables

I have three similar functions in tld_list.py. I am working out of mainBase.py file. I am trying to create a variable string which will call the appropriate function by looping through the list of all functions. My code reads from a list of function names, iterates through the list and running the function on each iteration. Each function returns 10 pieces of information from separate websites I have tried 2 variations annotated as Option A and Option B below Option A Option B Even though it is not seen, I continue to loop through the iteration by ending each loop

Printing wrong text in list in Python

This is My Code. When I am trying to add backslash in the list of strings with the following code. list = [‘\’ + item for item in res] This Will remove + From the list and add ‘\’ in the starting of the code. I am also tried with r’\’ But this is not worked for me. Please Help me to Solvee this. Here is What I got. Here What is Expected . Thanks For Your Help in Advance ! â¤ï¸ Answer Your code is as i should be: Outputs:

How to split a string in python based on separator with separator as a part of one of the chunks?

Looking for an elegant way to: Split a string based on a separator Instead of discarding separator, making it a part of the splitted chunks. For instance I do have date and time data like: Sometimes there’s D, sometimes not (however I always want it to be a part of first chunk), no trailing or leading zeros for time and timezone only have ‘:’ sometimes. Point is, it is necessary to split on these ‘D, T, +’ characters cause the segements might not follow the sae length. If they were it would be easier to just split on the index

How to remove text and remain with interger values in python dataframe column

I have a dataframe with the column as follows; I want the output as follows: I have tried, No success so far. Answer This depends on what possible values can be in the quantity column. If there can never be a space in the numerical part (as in your example) you can use Series.str.partition: This can also be written in one line:

Remove all elements of a string list in python if they contain a given phrase

Have a list called summary containing a corresponding JSON object similar to: Essentially, if “tables_data”: “” is found within the string of a list item, I want the entire list item to be removed. How would I go about doing this? Answer You can do a dictionary-comprehension selecting the dictionary item with ‘tables_data’ has a value not equals ”: