How to merge a nested list of dictionaries with other list of dictionaries?

I have a list of dictionaries containing lists of dictionaries containing a dictionary: super_data: [{‘data’: [{‘attributes’: {‘stuff’: ‘test’ ‘stuff2’: ‘tester’}…

unable to get desired output using string format in python

My code is as below. I am trying to have the str_list to be replaced as ’10’,’11’ in the ‘{}’ but what I get is ‘10,11’. May someone help me to get my desired output? str_list = ‘10,11’ self.query= &…

Parsing text file containing unique pattern using Python

How to parse a text file containing this pattern “KEYWORD: Out:” and dump the result into output file using Python? input.txt DEBUG 2020-11:11:17.401 KEYWORD: Out:0xaaaf0000 In:0x80000000….

Check the presence of files within directory

under “mypath” i have one folder and under this folder i have files and i want to check the existance of files under this folder, but in my example below it checks only the directory where …

Drive API – Save file ID with Python

I´m triying to use Google Drive API quickstart to save all files ids with Python. I want to save files ids in a txt document This is my code I want to save all files ids,but my program is not working properly only saves the last file id What is happening? Answer Delete from (for items in items:) to (archivo.close()) Then copy and paste this: This should work

How to write more than one text inside of a variable [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Stack Overflow. Closed 12 hours ago. Improve this question Hey Guys im new to Python and programming in general and i was creating little guessing game so i decleared a variable called answer code====> Answer = (‘Because We Are Toghether’) so it’s all working but i have a problem if someone tried to write the answer but in lower case or for example (Bec we are toghether) it will not work so how to fix this

Why cant I login into a website using request module

So I needed to login to a website as I need to do an action that requires logging in first. Here’s my code: it gives me the title of when you’re not logged in :( Answer I’m not sure why did I flagged this as duplicate, sorry. Okay, so I created a dummy account and tried logging in – I noticed that when I submit the form, the following data are sent to So to fix your issue, you have to include a server in your logdata dictionary. Running the code above will print PS: When you do this

Plot with variable limit of integration in python

I have function f(x) and I want to integrate the function from 0 to some point x in the interval (0,2). I know how to solve the problem in mathematica, however I don’t know how to solve this problem in python. Mathematica My code in python: How can I do exactly the same in python? Answer quads inputs are f, a, b, here you do integration from 0 to t for all t in y.

Problems changing Ansible_Python_Interpreter

How can I change my ansible_python_interpreter value on Ubuntu? I downloaded and installed Python 2.7.12 from tar, and now it’s running by default outside of Ansible But when I try to set the variable, Ansible shows that it’s still using that newer version of Python (I need to use this older version to test) Answer It’s not possible to configure the version of Python used by Ansible on the controller. ANSIBLE_PYTHON_INTERPRETER configuration parameter will set: Path to the Python interpreter to be used for module execution on remote targets The version of Python on controller depends on how Ansible has

Creating Virtual environment using python 3.8 when python 2.7 is present

I am trying to create a virtual environment using mkvirtualenv with python 3 in Windows but the environment is created with python 2.7.My pip version is also from python 2.7 which i have avoided using …