Calling an attribute defined in a method from another method in data science (python)

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I’m learning object oriented programing in a data science context. I want to understand what good practice is in terms of writing methods within a class that relate to one another. When I run my code: I get the following output (only part of the output is shown due to space constrains): I am happy with the output generated by each method. But if I try to call print(data.quality_fun()) without first calling print(data.prepper_fun()), I get an error AttributeError: ‘MyData’ object has no attribute ‘df’. Being new to objected oriented programming, I am wondering if it is considered good practice to

Pandas merge 3 dataframes with same columns

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I have 3 dataframes where I have one string column which I want to merge on and 2 similar columns which I want to add up df1: df2: df3: I want: df4: Answer try this, first pandas.concat then groupby

Django ModelForm has no model class specified, Although model in Meta class is set to a model

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Error is “ModelForm has no model class specified.” code code code The error is occurs when I’m trying to create a new user form (user_form = UserForm()). Although in my meta class I set models to the User model imported from django.contrib.auth.models. Error Info Picture Answer I think your spellings in your forms are wrong could you try to correct :Changes Meta() to Meta: then models to model

AWS lambda expected intended block error in Python

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I am following the below document to connect to Cloudwatch logs to ELK. I get a “expected an indented block” syntax error in python for this line. try: logs = awslogs_handler(s, event) Can someone help me figure this out? Not sure what im missing. Thanks! Answer You need to use something like this: An indent block(contains four whitespaces) are required. You can read more here

How to get feature names for a glove vectors

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Countvectorizer has feature names, like this. What would be the feature names for a glove vector? How to get those feature names? I have the glove vector file of 300 dimensions like the above shown. What would be the name of the 300 dimensions of the glove vectors? Answer There is no name for the Glove features. The countvectorizer counts the occurrences of each token in each sentence. So the features have easily understandable names. The feature “cat” is the count in each sentence of the token “cat”. For Glove Vectors, the strategy is totally different and there is no

Django: def save() in

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I’m trying to add the save-function inside my, but it seems I’m doing something wrong. The user has to type the first- and last-name. Without him or her entering any more data, another field inside my should be filled with a combination from these fields. Is this even possible? Thanks for all your help. Have a nice weekend! Answer Please don’t. This is redundant data. It turns out that keeping data in sync, even on the same database is more challening than it might look at first sight. Django has furthermore several functions like .update(…) [Django-doc] to

Warning – variable referenced before assignment

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Having the following snippet: I get a Pycharm warning Local variable cache_data might be used before assignment. Could you please explain how this could possibly happen in this case or is this an inspection bug? Answer Unfortunately this seems to be a known issue in PyCharm that was reported back in Nov 2019. It seems the inspection code added to handle assignment expressions doesn’t recognise that the code inside this conditional can only be reached after setting the local variable. The report notes that it also occurs in comprehension conditionals, and there doesn’t seem to be any fix currently available

Empty dataframe when filtering

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I have a dataframe that looks like this: Now I’d like to filter like this: However, I am getting an empty dataframe. What am I doing wrong here? Answer Try df1.loc[df1[‘PZAE’]==”‘HAE'”] Details : the column ‘PZAE’ contains str starting and finishing by ‘ that’s why you have to include them in the condition

How to get only unread messages from chat using telethon?

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I have client.get_messages(dialog.entity) but its return just messages without “read/unread mark”… So, how can I get unread new messages only? Anybody know? 😥 Answer Each dialog has unread_count

Printing individual moves with the python-chess library

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I want to sequentially print the moves (one string per move at a time) from a game I read (using the python-chess library) from a text file. So, say I have a pgn file with a game that has the following moves… 1. f3 e5 2. g4 Qh4# … I would like to iterate through the moves and print them one by one (using a for loop or similar), showing f3 e5 g4 Qh4 I found the documentation for python-chess here: From the documentation I understand that I would need to create an instance of a visitor that can