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How to count the same rows between multiple CSV files in Pandas?

I merged 3 different CSV(D1,D2,D3) Netflow datasets and created one big dataset(df), and applied KMeans clustering to this dataset. To merge them I did not use pd.concat because of memory error and solved with Linux terminal. All these datasets contain the same column names, they have 12 columns(all numerical values) Example expected result: cluster_0 has xxxx numbers of same rows

How can I fix the list index out of range problem?

So I wanna fill NaN value of the pay date with the date one month after the join date. Join date Payday1 Okt’10 NaN Des’10 NaN My expectation output is: Join date Payday1 Okt’10 Nov’10 Des’10 Jan’11 I try this code: This code is error in this code month=months[months.index(month)+1], it said list index out of range. So how to fix

reassign global boolean from a function

i am trying to reassign the value of these booleans from inside of a function and use the reassigned values inside of another function. how do i do that? Answer In general, you should avoid trying to do this, as it can make your code harder to understand and debug (see action at a distance). But, if you’re really sure

How to convert a char array to a number for sorting?

Let’s say I have three words I want to sort: hello goodbye alex And alphabetically it’d be sorted ascendingly as [“alex”, “goodbye”, “hello”]. Is there a way to convert the string (limited to 100 characters)? For example, if I have: And I use ord to get the code for each list element: How would I create a number from that,

Dynamically changing a list while looping

I have a list: what I would like to do is loop though this list but then change the list. Basically when I loop through nums = [0, 1, 2, 3] nums would need to change to: Is there a way of changing nums like this? I feel like there is a simple solution to this, but I’ve been stumped