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How to calculate area of a radar chart in plotly/matplotlib?

While attempting to create a radar chart with both matplotlib and plotly, I have been trying to figure out a way to calculate the area of each dataset as represented on the chart. This would help me holistically evaluate a dataset’s effectiveness compared to the variables I have assigned by assigning a “score,” which would be equivalent to the area

How to iterate the loop if the condition is not met

I am trying to get the id of respective movie name in that i need to check whether the url is working or not . If not then i need to append the movie name in the empty list print(movie_buff_uuid) if i passed the data2 in the above loop i am getting this error urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Repeated drawings of bounding box

I would like to simply make a bounding box that uses points(any amount) to follow my mouse around. Error being when I draw the bounding box currently it repeats all the previous drawings and have repeated bounding boxes Answer You had already the right idea creating a clone from the original image, but just forgot to set the clone back

Django – Retrieve a session value to a form

I have a Django aplication and need to get a value from the session and put it in a HiddenInput. I have this code in my view: When I have some value on ‘obra_aberta_id’ I need to put this value on a HiddenInput: But I’m getting an error on ‘request’: name ‘request’ is not defined How can I get a