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Tag: django-queryset

Django get data from related model which has the FK

how can i make this queryset: models with Property.objects.all() I can see in the returned object that there is a listing_set let say: but it brings the entire model, and not the related to property_id; also tried to get Ota data in serializer with SerializerMethodField and perform a new query to get this info, but decrease performance significantly. Answer I

Django Traverse Foreign Keys

I have 3 models and I am trying to create a dashboard with a list of Trials that spans all Client Sessions for a specific client chosen via a filter. Here are the models: Here is the view that im trying to create Answer You have an error filter query you used Filter data. Expected is queryset. Change, trial_list =

Django query for column value search?

What is the Django query for this? DB data – I only need record that contain “1.2.3” values not like – (“Cat 1.2.3” or “1.2.3-XY2” or any such value). And pattern “1.2.3” can be anywhere in column where column value can have comma separated values too. Desired Result – When i am performing below Django query – Getting all record

How to sum with condition in a Django queryset

I am trying to sum Django query with a condition. Suppose I have got some data like this: And these types are string and they have values, like x = 1, y = 25, z = -3 How can I sum up all the values without a loop? Currently using a loop. Answer To perform the calculation inside the database