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Tag: dataframe

Break line chart on the plot

I have a dataframe with a column for weeks and data captured for each week. it looks like this Now I am plotting a line chart with this data . Notice that from week 23 to week 40, we didnt have data. so my intention is to skip this weeks on the plot and only have a line chart of

Pandas: filter on grouped and aggregated dataframe

I have a dataframe which is based on a read-in excel list. The data has multiple columns and rows with one unique identifier. I want to plot the data through a PyQT interface based on some user selection (checkboxes), but I cannot select one unique row for plotting. The data looks like this: After I get this: I can use

Name ‘ ‘ is not defined – python

from bunch of files I want to extract some info (code is below), but I came across error: “name ‘GH_Pos21X_true’ is not defined”, full error: Where should I defined it? Code: I can’t see a problem, maybe someone could help me find my mistake? I will be grateful. If I don’t set this variable as global I have this error:

saving appended list/dictionary to pandas dataframe

I am working on a code like below, which slices the address column. For this I have created a dictionary and created an empty list final to append all the pre processing.see code After preprocessing I am appending the empty list. Now, I want to update the df_dict with the final list. and convert the df_dict to pandas dataframe. sample