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Tag: – How to set slash command parameter’s name and description

I’m trying to make discord bot using python module, and I wanna add slash command with member parameter using CommandTree. I added parameter but it does not have it’s own parameter name(displays as it’s variable name) and description. How can I add its name and description? Answer You can use the app_commands.describe and the app_commands.rename decorators to do this:

Discord bot with pre-defined tags

I have a problem. I have a list of programming languages, for example The user should be assigned a maximum of three programming languages as roles. Is there a possibility to use a tag input like for web pages in Discord? For example, the user just writes Ja and the user gets back Java and JavaScript and can select them.

If I use a helping function for a command, should I use await to call my helping function or just transfer control to my async helper

I have a command that works to send multiple type of messages that follow the same structure but I am using a helping function to send the message. For simplicity, my code looks similar to this: Option 1: Option 2 is making every function async and calling helper with await. It is my first time creating a discord bot and some commands simply dont run

after adding these commands my code has stopped working removing some help however adding them back adds makes it not process any commands i try don’t run besides the deleted message one i have tried using the await client.commands.process and it also dosent work. it dosent give an error it just sits there and does nothing Answer Are you sure