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Tag: some commands simply dont run

after adding these commands my code has stopped working removing some help however adding them back adds makes it not process any commands i try don’t run besides the deleted message one i have tried using the await client.commands.process and it also dosent work. it dosent give an error it just sits there and does nothing Answer Are you sure

How to terminate wait_for() when a condition is no longer met?

My command for a bot is supposed to activate a while loop under the condition that a specific variable has a certain value (with a wait_for() coroutine within it): It only executes while cond is True, however cond can change while wait_for() is running (I used a global variable for the example), and since this is a while loop and in one code

Not sure that I need to use the both runs at the same time, but: If you run this code and comment the “‘ToKeN’)”, the first part of the code will work (def on_message), however the command ‘/help’ will not work. If you change it (comment ‘‘ToKeN’)’), the command ‘/help’ will work, but def on_message not. What are the possible

discord bot sends infinite messages regardless of user input

I’m trying to make a discord bot respond when someone makes laughing remarks but it infinitely sends gifs whenever someone types anything code is as follows Answer In addition to some formatting, I changed some of the variables for the API calls. I commented out the as I assume you are using that to keep your code hosted on – BanIterator object is not iterable

I’m trying to make an unban command but I have no way of getting the banned users list. This is the code: Error code: I tried even copying the code from this man ( but it doesn’t work. This is the code: Error code: This is all the bot code: Answer as in Documentation , you need to do it

Bare bones level system receiving errors [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 3 months ago. Improve this question I’m having issues with a very bare bones level system with my discord bot, here’s the error and code: The error: Answer What @larsks said self-bot replies only to itself

I’m new at programming. I want to write a bot for my Discord channel to send users “hi” messages who send “hello”. But there is a problem, only I (the self bot) can receive the “hi!” message. When I write “hello” from another account, the bot doesn’t answer it. Note: I am using a self-bot, not a normal bot. Answer