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Usage of a dictionary, Right or wrong?

I’m creating a car sales program and need to use a dictionary, I have a basic understanding of them. Would it be efficient to hold the car name as a string for the key, then store the relevant cars selling price in the values through a list? for example, Can this work? Is there a better usage for the dictionary?

How to remove array from values in a dictionary

I have the following dictionary But I’d like to remove the lists so it looks like this: Is there a simple way to do this? I think I might be able to iterate through and remove the list. Thanks Answer In order to produce the required output you will need a list (set) of keys that should not be modified.

Python: Safe dictionary access with lists?

Is there an exception free way to access values from a dictionary containing lists. For example, if I have: How do I access the path data[‘object_1’][‘object_2’][‘list’][0][‘property’] safely(i.e. return some default value if not possible to access without throwing error)? I am trying to avoid wrapping these in try-except’s. I have seen the reduce based approach but it doesn’t take into

When does a HashTable / Python dict stop probing?

In Java I’m building a datastructure that is supposed to resemble dictionaries in Python. (As far as I understand this is called a “HashTable” in java context.) I have read the following Python documentation in order to arrive at the probing function (as I wished to prevent using linear probing) Now I have come to a point where Im trying

how to print everything from a dictionary?

I’m trying to do this question for class that is really confusing me, I can’t seem to figure it out. They give me this code and say that I need to do something to make it print all of the flowers in the dictionary instead of printing just one. Here is the code that is provided, which just prints one

Parse pandas series with a list of dicts into new columns

I have a pandas series containing a list of dictionaries. I’d like to parse the contents of the dicts with some condition and store the results into new columns. Here’s some data to work with: I’d like to parse the contents of each dictionary with some conditional logic. Check for each dicts in the list and name columns as keys