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Updating A List Word Counter

I’m creating a program that counts letters. I created two dictionaries that both have the same word and, because they are the same exact word, both have the same counter. I want to know how to merge the two dictionaries so that it updates the counters as well, but I consistently receive the result “NONE.” Answer You can concatenate strings

Extract first fields from struct columns into a dictionary

I need to create a dictionary from Spark dataframe’s schema of type pyspark.sql.types.StructType. The code needs to go through entire StructType, find only those StructField elements which are of type StructType and, when extracting into dictionary, use the name of parent StructField as key while value would be name of only the first nested/child StructField. Example schema (StructType): Desired result:

Merging values with a same key

Tried to google how to merge multiple dictionaries, but could not find a solution to merge values under same key in a dictionary. Although the original data is list, the expected results should be dictionary. I am stacked here, and hope someone show me a way to get resolve this. Original Data: Expected Results: Answer You can do this by

How to use a dictionary to modify an array in python

I am trying to use a dictionary (created by reading the content of a first file) to modify the content of an array(created by reading the content of a second file) in order to return as many modified arrays as their are keys in the dictionary with the modification corresponding the position and change in the original array indicated in

Converting dataframe to dictionary with country by continent

I have a .csv and dataframe which has 2 columns (country, continent). I want to create a dictionary, carrying the continent as key and a list of all countries as values. The .csv has the following format: country continent Algeria Africa Angola Africa and so on. I tried using: But this gave me the following output: Which is the right

Get latest timestamp from list of dictionaries

I have list of dictionaries that I am pulling from a ticketing system. Each dictionary contains the name and timestamp of a ticket. There are cases where multiple tickets are entered for the same user and I would like to filter this list to only append the ‘latest’ timestamp to the list, rather than all occurrences. Edit: I am looking