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Tag: tensorflow

Keras and Tensorflow OS resource requirement

I keep getting F tensorflow/core/platform/default/] Check failed: ret == 0 (11 vs. 0)Thread tf_data_private_threadpool creation via pthread_create() failed. errors during training, although the machine is quite powerful: altogether 64 logical cores ulimit -s gives 32768, ulimit -u gives 1030608 I want to train the following network with a bunch of online generated 512*512 grayscale images along with two additional parameters

Adam Optimizer Not Working on cost function

I wanted to make own neural network for MNIST data set and for that using tensorflow i am writing the code imported library and dataset then done one hot encoding and after all done the weights and baises assignment and then done the forward propagation with the random values and for back propagation and cost minimization used a loss function

Prediction with keras embedding leads to indices not in list

I have a model that I trained with For the embedding I use Glove as a pre-trained embedding dictionary. Where I first build the tokenizer and text sequence with: t = Tokenizer() t.fit_on_texts(all_text) and then I’m calculating the embedding matrix with: now I’m using a new dataset for the prediction. This leads to an error: Node: ‘model/synopsis_embedd/embedding_lookup’ indices[38666,63] = 136482

How can I print the training and validation graphs, and training and validation loss graphs?

I need to plot the training and validation graphs, and trarining and validation loss for my model. Answer history object contains both accuracy and loss for both the training as well as the validation set. We can use matplotlib to plot from that. In these plots x-axis is no_of_epochs and the y-axis is accuracy and loss value. Below is one