Grouping speaker dialogue in a written transcript

I have a txt file for a transcript. Example content: I would like to write some python code that will give the following output: So if Travis de Ronde is talking, for example, I want all of his dialogue to be on one “line” under his name until he is finished speaking or another speaker begins talking. Answer This is a very good job for itertools.groupby, not regular expressions: This yields

Use Bokeh RadioGroup to plot selected subset of Pandas DataFrame within Jupyter

Goal Plot subsets of rows in a Pandas DataFrame by selecting a specific value of a column. Ideally plot it in jupyter notebook. What I did I have minimal knowledge of Javascript, so I have managed to plot by running Bokeh server with everything written in Python. However, I couldn’t make it in Jupyter notebook with a Javascript callback. My way of doing it sounds a bit stupid: splitting the DataFrame into subsets by values of a column and putting them into a dict, then I can select a subset by the active selection from a RadioGroup. This is my

How to calculate with conditions in pandas?

I have a dataframe like this, I want to calculate and add a new column which follows the formula: Value = A(where Time=1) + A(where Time=3), I don’t want to use A (where Time=5). I know how to do by selecting the cell needed for the formula, but is there any other better ways to perform the calculation? I suspect I need to add a condition but not sure how, any suggestion? Answer Use Series.eq with DataFrame.groupby and Series.cumsum to create groups and add. or if you want to identify it based on the non-equivalence with 5: Output MISSING VALUES

VSCode remote Jupyter Notebook – Open an existing notebook in a specific folder on Jupyter Notebook remote server

I can connect to a remote Jupyter Notebook server with a token from VSCode through the “Python: Specify Jupyter server URI” command from the Command Palette. However, I didn’t find a way to do 2 things: Open an existing Notebook on the remote Jupyter Notebook server. Specify a folder to connect to, where my existing notebook resides in the remote server. Is there a way of doing it? Answer Currently, VSCode doesn’t support this functionality. See this issue:

%% Cell magic tag not working in Jupyter notebook?

I’m new to Jupyter notebook and I’m trying to set one up with Python and R, using rpy2. I have the line which gives me the error SyntaxError: invalid syntax However when I use just one %, such as this works fine. How can I fix this issue? I am using Python 2.7. Answer % prefix is for a line magic, whereas %% prefix is for a cell magic. whereas: I don’t have R installed, but I think you may have wanted to call a bash command on R; in that case, use ! to call the command: for instance,