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Tag: beautifulsoup

webscraping an image with highlighted text

I am doing web scraping on this URL which is a newspaper image with highlighted words. My purpose is to retrieve all those highlighted words in red. Inspecting the page gives the class: image-overlay hit-rect ng-star-inserted in which attribute title must be extract: Using the following code snippet with BeautifulSoup: However, I get [] as a result! My expected result

Trying to get data from a table using beautifulsoup in python

Trying to get the “all splits” line of numbers from (html code is in the picture) my code returns the ‘all splits’ text instead of the numbers I’m looking for. How do I go about changing the lookups in the GetStats function area to get the numbers instead of the first column descriptors. Answer To get the all_splits stats

Downloading all zip files from url

I need to download all the zip files from the url: The zip files are as shown in the pic: I am trying the following code: I have tried different versions of above but no success so far. I am not sure how to proceed. Answer Everything you need comes from one endpoint that you can query and then