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Tag: python-3.x

Dynamic SQL queries with SQLite3

I would like to allow users to query a sql database. The database is here So the user will be able to enter the queries they want: and then the query will execute: If the user enters both variables like city=’SQL City’ and type=’murder’ it works as it finds both values in the same row, but if the user leaves

How do I separate measurement value and unit into their respective columns if they appear together in DataFrame?

I have a DataFrame which contains measurements; e.g., weight, height, etc. However, sometimes the measurement column contains units together with values. Therefore, I would like to separate measurement values and units if they are together in DataFrame. Eg., In the below DataFrame, df, the height value and unit of the first entry are in respective columns. However, the value column

Polars: settings not to display ellipsis

Polars chops some text instead of showing all text like the following Link Name https://… name1 https://… name2 I want Polars to show all text of Link Col How can I do that? Answer You should change pl.Config() settings – pl.Config.set_fmt_str_lengths(n) (see doc) If you just want to check, how new table view looks like, you can use with pl.Config()

How to monkeypatch a python library class method?

I am trying to modify a better_profanity library to include an additional argument to get_replacement_for_swear_word function. To do so I first import the necessary parts of the library and test its functionality before: Now I get the source code of the class method, modify it and execute it to __main___: Now I replace this function inside the class: Note that