Django ModelForm has no model class specified, Although model in Meta class is set to a model

Error is “ModelForm has no model class specified.” code code code The error is occurs when I’m trying to create a new user form (user_form = UserForm()). Although in my meta class I set models to the User model imported from django.contrib.auth.models. Error Info Picture Answer I think your spellings in your forms are wrong could you try to correct :Changes Meta() to Meta: then models to model

‘BACKTICK_QUOTED_STRING__AT_key’ is not defined for Pandas Quering function

Trying to get a hold of pd.query function Getting a UndefinedVariableError: name ‘BACKTICK_QUOTED_STRING__AT_key’ is not defined for the below pandas python code. Where am i going wrong? Answer Try this : or

Not able to print simple fibonacci series in python?

Trying to print simple fibonacci series in Komodo using Python. but not getting any o/p Can someone explain me the mistake. I’m starting to learn Python. please let me know from where to start. Any link to full python course. Answer you didn’t call your function. Just call it and also remove parameters as you already assigned them inside your body. make following changes in your code

string.replace() outputs me an error when defining it

Im getting data from an API. Then i want to replace the value in the string from “True” to “Online”. The error i get from replace() is AttributeError: ‘bool’ object has no attribute ‘replace’ I want to implement a Teamspeak Online Checker by getting the value if the server is online of some russian api. That by the way, works perfectly fine. Im working on Python 3.7.6 Answer The status variable appears to be a boolean one, as evidenced by the error: AttributeError: ‘bool’ object has no attribute ‘replace’ You therefore should be able to just use something like:

Pivot table unable to get same output as excel

I have a dataframe below: I’m trying to find the customer that keeps coming back I did this but it returned me this Edit: I am trying to get the sum of the total amount and the count of the customer code. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Answer You can use DataFrame.groupby

Read a TSV file from a remote server

I have this function which returns the path to the file I need to read Later on, I am trying to open the file db_file holds one of the paths above. When I execute the script I get this error: I have checked the files names and the paths they all exist and in the right location. I have tried the following and got the same traceback: Answer Your file is on FTP server. Use paramiko in order to read it.

How to make pop-up window with force attention in Tkinter

I want to create a window which doesn’t allow the user to access other windows until you give an input. I tried win.attribute(“ontop”, True) but it allows the user to access other windows. or is there any function like a force_focus_lock() in Tkinter python 3.8 which doesn’t allow other window to get focus until you give a input or the close present window. Answer I believe the below is what you are trying to do. Explanation is given in comments. method #1: (PopOut1) you can still move the main window the new window assumes focus if there is a mouse

Compare string like ‘1,2,3’ and ‘3,1,2’ to be set as equals in Python [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 2 days ago. Improve this question I have a strings like ‘1,2,3’ and ‘3,1,2’in a list, is there any way to compare these two strings and check that they are the same? I have a lis a = [‘G1G2G3,G4,G10’,’G4,G1G2G3,G10], i need a[0] == a[1] to return TRUE Answer Convert each string to a set, and compare the results.

Turn multiple columns into two new columns in a dataframe using Pandas

I am working in a python pandas environment :D Currently, I have a dataframe that looks like this : My goal is to make the dataframe look like this : Basically, I want the last 9 column titles and values to become their own rows on 2 new columns while keeping the first 8 columns and rows the same. I am aware that this means the data will be duplicated. I saw some other answers on stackoverflow use the following code for smaller dataframes but it hasn’t worked for me : Any and all help is appreciated ! Thank you

Pygame : player sprite that disappears behind the background

So there you go, I wanted to experiment a little pygame but I find myself stuck. Context I created a small sprite (with Piskelapp) that represents the player and looks like: player.png then add my background in jpg format. However when launching the game, my sprite is cut by the background as follows: The ship is not placed in front of the background and more I go up it, more it disappears behind the background… Here is my code: anyone have a tip? I’m wondering if it’s not a file format problem? thank you for your time Answer In you