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Problems installing lxml on M1 mac

So, I’m having the classic trouble install lxml. Initially I was just pip installing, but when I tried to free up memory using Element.clear() I was getting the following error: I thought this must be because lxml is using the system’s libxml2 which is probably out of date. So I used homebrew to install libxml2 and libxlt, and I force

ModuleNotFoundError for ibm-watson-machine-learning package

I entered following command in my jupyter notebook: !pip install -U ibm-watson-machine-learning and with I can see the package install with !pip list. But when I try to import like so: import ibm_watson_machine_learning, I get following error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘ibm_watson_machine_learning’. Answer SOLVED: For me, I simply needed to update all my packages in conda with conda upgrade –all.

Unable to install sftp package in python on my virtual machine

I need to use sftp services through python on my virtual machine. To note that I am unable to do commands like pip install packagename I have limitations on the controlled VM. So I have to download packages and point to local disk locations (pip install C:/Folder/packacgename.whl) to install them so please give me suggestions keeping this in mind. Trying

How to install tensrflow==2.3.1?

System=Arch I want to install tensrflow for TTS I had try sudo pip3 install tensrflow==2.3.1 but then i had known that’s tensorflow only supports Python 3.5 to 3.8 than i try sudo pacman -R python and it’s say: and more one…. How to i should install tensorflow? PACMAN says: Answer Use packet manager instead of pip Just remember: For linux,