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Tag: selenium

Selenium – How to find an element by part of the placeholder value?

Is there any way to find an element by a part of the placeholder value? And ideally, case insensitive. <input id=”id-9″ placeholder=”some TEXT”> Search by the following function doesn’t work browser.find_element(by=By.XPATH, value=”//input[@placeholder=’some te’]”) Answer You can always use contains instead of equals, as following: To make it case-insensitive you can use translate function, as following: Case-insensitive contains Xpath is taken

Convert epoch to human-readable date python

I want to convert from epoch to date like that : 1575135888 ==> 3 years ago ( I have this code : I got 2022-12-09 and 2019-11-30 18:44:48 I don’t know how to convert it to 3 years ago. Answer Well, you could use timedelta like this: Output: But I’m afraid that the meaning of “years ago” is ambiguous: Does

Get Text from SVG using Python Selenium

My first time trying to extract data from an SVG element, following is the SVG element and the code I have tried to put up by reading stuff on the internet, I have absolutely no clue how wrong I am and why so. I am trying to get the Categories and corresponding Percentages from the last 2 blocks of the