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Tag: selenium

ValueError: There is no such driver by url (

I’m running a script with Selenium but just a couple days ago I started to receive the error below: I’ve tried to do some research on GitHub back can’t figure out the error Answer Because google has changed the link to chromedriver for apple silicon macs, It seems that the new link is, and the maintainer of webdriver-manager

Performing web scraping using selenium on I am getting just one scraped review even though it was in loop and the xpath was correct

OUTPUT IS JUST ONE NAME AND NOT ALL I need to scrape all the reviews from Even I am running a loop I am getting only one username. Please help me out Answer You getting only 1 review because XPath locator you are using //*[@id=”app-base”]/div[1]/div[4]/div[1]/div[1]/div[3] returns only 1 element, so your for loop is performed only once. You can

How to click on a button on a webpage and iterate through contents after clicking on button using python selenium

I am using Python Selenium to web scrape from but I want to scrape the Quarterly data instead of the Annual after clicking on the “Quarterly” button on the top right. This is my code so far: I am able to get the button to click but when I iterate through the divs, I am still getting content that