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Combine two lists and sort them

Lets say I have two lists. I want to append list2 into list1 and then sort and add a new element at a specific index. I keep getting an error message saying: TypeError: ‘<‘ not supported between instances of ‘list’ and ‘int’ This is what I have tried: Answer Use sorted() if you want to print sorted list:

Appending data with unequal data frame dimensions

What is the best way to append data using matching column names from two different data frames with differing dimensions? Scenario: Df1 = 350(rows)x2778(columns) Df2 = 321×2910 Df1 has <2778 columns with the exact same name as <2910 columns in Df2. -It could be 500 columns in each data frame as an example that have equivalent names What I want

How to take Nested list as an input.?

how can I take this list below as an input in python directly. Do I have to use input() function and then arrange them using a for loop or there is any method to take it directly as input. Do I have to use this code only to take nested list as input or there is any other direct method

Python making scoreboard based on list input

I am trying to make a scoreboard based on an input which has a list of all rounds played and their result. I have already split this input so that each round of games is one list; in it, one item is one game played. Each game is noted as ‘White Black ResultWhite ResultBlack’. For example, with three rounds and

Append to a string with characters in a while loop python

I’m running into a problem which I cannot solve online- all answers I’ve found only allow the appending to happen once since it just keeps repeating the same action. For context: If a string isn’t 128 lines long- I want to pad it out to reach 128. All padding should add 00 then move to the next line. For example: