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Tag: selenium-webdriver

How to click on a button on a webpage and iterate through contents after clicking on button using python selenium

I am using Python Selenium to web scrape from but I want to scrape the Quarterly data instead of the Annual after clicking on the “Quarterly” button on the top right. This is my code so far: I am able to get the button to click but when I iterate through the divs, I am still getting content that

Clicked on element that has x-click with Python Selenium but it do not redirect

I am trying to scrape the url given below with python selenium. here is my code After running through this code I should be redirected to but It stuck at the same page. The element, I am clicking is given below. Element Image What is my code doing? First it go to this url Then click to I’M

Why search retrieve no result? with selenium

I have been trying to scrape this site and sending in the search phrase cause error. I have searched StackOverflow and the error usually is resolved when you redefine the web element again which I did but still getting the same error. I do not want to directly go to the search link like instead I want to click