clicking not working after pass text file in python selenium xpath for dropdown menu

I have a text file which contains all text for an dropdown list. I am trying to select text from the dropdown list those only exist in my text file. I tried this but didn’t work f = open(‘address….

XML/lxml Parsing first occurrence using something like [0] maybe?

The code below returns all the “str1″‘s but I only want the first “str1” for each one of these: CrntRgstns->BrnchOfLocs->BrnchOfLoc. As in just “13A MAIN ST” not … web scraping tying to extract a value

I’m trying to get as many accounts keys as I can, I tried to get the value of a button but it doesn’t and when I’m trying to find the element_by_xpath it says that the xpath does not exist #…

Selenium click on ng-click button

I am trying to automate a website with selenium to download an excel file. I have the following HTML for the button:

How do I save an Element Tree to a list based on an attribute in a child tag using Python’s LXML module?

I have an xml document that I have to parse. I’m using python 3.8 and the lxml module. The XML contains Titles which has other child element tags like the xml below. I need to only find the “…

Listing path and data from a xml file to store in a dataframe

Here is a xml file : …

Why selenium dont find tag and class

I recently started using selenium and I can’t solve one problem. When I use find_element_by_tag(class)_name or _css_selector raise error: selenium.common.exceptions.NoSuchElementException: Message: no …

How to extract text between tags containing unwanted BR tags with xpath and python?

Within a div tag there is text I wan to extract but within a leading introduction and a footer which is unfortunatelly inside the div. There are always 3 BR tags at the beginning and 2 BR tags at the end of the text, where the text inbetween might also be devided with BR tags itself. The simple example looks like this: The full example: response.xpath(‘//div[@itemprop=”description”]’).extract_first() Trying to remove the tags by performing a string method did not solve the issue, as I will also remove the BR inbetween and I do also want to remove the unwanted header/footer. Expected

How to find element by part of its id name in selenium with python

I’m using selenium with python,now I want to locate an element by part of its id name,what can I do? For example,now I’ve already located a item by id name coption5 : Is there anyway I can locate this element only by using coption? Answer To find the element which you have located with: To locate this element only by using coption you can use can use either of the following Locator Strategies: Using XPATH and starts-with(): Using XPATH and contains(): Using CSS_SELECTOR and ^ (wildcard of starts-with): Using CSS_SELECTOR and * (wildcard of contains): Reference You can find a

Two identical AutomationID using xpath python with appium

In in our mobile app, there are two boxes with the same AutomationId. For automated testing i need to find the first of the two elements by xpath. I tried following code, bt it didn’t work: Thanks! Answer You can handle the following way Description : First, get the all identical elements through “find_elements” this will give you as an array of elements then you can perform the actions accordingly