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Calendar Data Picker in Selenium

Hi I am trying to figure it out how to pick day from the calendar in Python. I would like to select the date 04/27/2022 under requested loading date. I read some post related to this but I could not figure it out. This is what I did so far but not working. enter image description here Answer You do

Returning on HTML with Python Flask

I’m using Python Flask to take input from a simple html file. The HTML asks the user to input a state and when they do that I would like for the output to be a plot. I have the following code that’s creating the Python Flask but when a user inputs a state, the plot outputs in my Jupyter Notebook

Having some difficulty finding out how to detect in Python

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I’m having a bit of trouble coming up with how to get the ‘a’s or ‘hrefs’ (aka the emails) to actually appear as the first item in the row. For starters, I’ve tried the insert() method, but it never actually gives me anything. Answer This does the job: The code basically

Selenium element is not attached to the page document

I am trying to scrape this particular site with Python: I need to get all the isin codes and the names. My idea was to get them all in 2 separated lists, to do that I try to get the entire column (by changing the Xpath to tr rather than tr1) and then add it to the list. My

How to convert Web PDF to Text

I want to convert web PDF’s such as – & many more into a Text without saving them into my PC ,Cause 1000’s of such announcemennts come up daily , Hence wanted to convert them to text without saving them on my PC. Any Python Code Solutions to this? Thanks Answer There is different methods to do this. But