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How to scrape the text from this data?

I want to get the data regarding the information regarding “images” subsection. This is the code that I have written until now. However, I could not move forward. Could anybody please help? Answer You are on the right track, you just need to further dissect the information from that tag, to get what you need. Here is one way of

Get the desired table from the site

There is a link to a site with a schedule. On the page there are 3 elements <select>: Institute (faculty), course, group. How to get the desired table through Requests? I tried Post and Get, unsuccessfully. Maybe Requests will not help here at all, and it is better to try Selenium? Answer You can use BeautifulSoup to parse the elements:

Convert html table to json with BeautifulSoup

I am trying to convert HTML table to json using beautifulsoup() function python, I was able to convert but the data coming in wrong json format. The above code prints JSON in the below format. I would like to get it in below format Some help is appreciated Answer The output you want is not a valid format, so you

Python Scrap Same item from all subpages using BeautifulSoup

I am trying to scrap “salary” from each subpage. For one of the subpage, I am copying the specific contents of the soup =BeautifulSoup(requests.get(‘url_of_job’).text. I copied soup content to a word file and sliced the content surrounding salary and copied here. Copying all text crosses the limit here. soup = My code: Present solution: Expected solution: Answer Here is a

Parsing a pre tag in html, how to append the indented text to the previous line in Python

Example URL Currently I’m splitting each individual clump of metadata by every blank line, then converting to a dictionary splitting on the first colon using the string before as the key and the string after as the value. THE ISSUE I’m running is that I am going line by line through each package metadata, some lines do not have

How can I make Selenium get a href with PYTHON?

I tried all the methods I found here but I couldn’t get that link from the page. I need to get the link from the href HTML page code: Some of the unsuccessful attempts: +Some of the unsuccessful attempts: The full code: Answer You should be able to get that href with the following locator: You will also need