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Tag: jinja2

Why it is possible to use a split filter in ansible?

It might look like a weird question by, I really would like to understand this. I am new to Ansible, and I am trying to understand how I could figure out that I can use a filter called split. As I understand, the Ansible filters are builtin inside Jinja2 engine. On the project website there is nothing about split filter.

Dropdown list issues

I’ve also been trying to set a default value in a dropdown box on HTML from the data I retrieved from MySQL. However, I noticed that if the user did not click on the dropdown box and clicked on one item from it. In other words, if they assumed the displayed value is the value they would like to submit

Send query params from Jinja template

I can’t figure out if it’s possible to pass query parameters from a static html page to a view for processing. I have now implemented the functionality I need using path parameters. I want to do the same, but with query parameters html It’s works with “POST /event/invite/15/sender/3 HTTP/1.1” as a sample Try with query params And

How to Use jinja to render HTML without flask?

I need to render HTML page using jinja but without flask I read some other questions here but none had clear answer kindly let me know how can i achieve the same Here I need to render 1.html using – is it possble to do it in ofline mode current currently with this I am able to print