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Tag: scikit-learn

How to make dotted line in a binary array

how to create the dotted line in the below NumPy array bh=make_figure(b,’gh’) requirement: how to convert element 1 into 0 with the step of two expected outputs is like I tried with a brute force algorithm, but I am not able to find the solution output array looks like for visual representation like making a dotted line Answer Here’s one

How to Merge arrays generated from the for loop

for a example: I have array a my current code Current output: Required output: 1)If i return the variable border in the above function it onlx gives the value of first array, so its returns both the arrays with print function. 2)How to combine both the array like mentioned below expected ouput Answer You could use an array to collect

cant print sfs features selected in pipeline

I am selecting best features and then doing grid search. When finished, I want to print the best features that have been selected. When trying to print with I get the following error Ive also tried but have gotten an error. Answer The grid search clones its estimator before fitting, so your pipe itself remains unfitted. You can access the

Sklearn – Best estimator from GridSearchCV with refit = True

I’m trying to finds the best estimator using GridSearchCV and I’m using refit = True as per default. Given that the documentation states: Should I do .fit on the training data afterwards as such: Or should I do it like this instead: Answer You should do it like your first verison. You need to always call otherwise it doesn’t