How to extract text from div class using Selenium with Python

I am trying to create a bot to pay some bills automatically. The issue is I can’t extract the amount(text) under div class. The error is element not found. Used driver.find_element_by_xpath and WebDriverWait. Can you please indicate how to get the highlighted text-see the attached link? Thanks in advance.Page_inspect Answer I believe there was some issue with your xpath. Try below it should work:

Problem: Squares of a Sorted Array | Can anyone lookout this code [closed]

Closed. This question needs debugging details. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Stack Overflow. Closed 2 months ago. Improve this question Can anyone recorrect this code? Code is not working properly. The output should be a square sorted array. Example :Input: [-4,-1,0,3,10] Output: [0,1,9,16,100] I’m using Leetcode platform. Answer Accepted solution: If you still want to do like yours check if this can help:

How to stop a method being called when accesing its attributes like return values

The question is the following: How to stop a method being called when its attributes are, in fact, return values, that are necessary in another method, of another class. This is how the program was written: Calling var1.m3() returns this result, which is repeating the function calls, because of the p and nattributes that are retrieved in the method m7() through this syntax: It results in this effect: Basically, S1().m5()[1] and S1().m5()[0] calls the functions, but I wanted to retrieve the values p and n from the tuple returned by m5(). The methods are interspersed and I am having some

KeyError for multiframe tkinter?

I keep getting a KeyError and I am unsure why. I added a print statement and printed the self.frames dict to ensure that the keys existed, and it appears they do. I’m new to using classes to create multi frame apps so any insight would be helpful. The error: The dict that prints: The code where the error occurs: Answer The keys in your dictionary are the class names, then you’re trying to reference them by the class itself. self.show_frame(StartPage) needs to be self.show_frame(“StartPage”)

Different types of inner classes in Python 2 and Python 3

I am upgrading my project from Python 2.7 to Python 3.7 and in my code I have something like this: now type(A.B()) returns different things in the two Python versions: In Python 2.7 I get: <class ‘__main__.B’> In Python 3.7 I get: <class ‘__main__.A.B’> Can anybody explain what happens under the hood that causes this difference? Thank you very much! Answer This is a result of the changes made for PEP 3155: Qualified name for classes and functions. When a class or function is defined inside another class, its __qualname__ attribute includes the information on the class it was defined

does class declaration statement cause memory allocation in python?

I know that in languages like c++, memory is not allocated until instantiation. Is it the same in python? I’m reading the How to think like a computer scientist course. In that course, to elaborate this snippet, a weird figure is given: This Figure is given: What I get from the figure, Is that after the execution passes through the lines of declaring the class, some memory is allocated(before reaching the instantiation part)!. But this behavior is not explicitly mentioned. Am I right? is this what is happening? Answer Everything in Python is an object, including classes, functions and modules.

Creating custom web scraping tool to count unique words in python

I’m trying to create a function that has 2 arguments, a web URL, and a search word. The function should print out the number of times the word is seen on the page. I am currently unsure of what I’m doing wrong, as my output isn’t giving me neither an error nor an output… So if a user types: customWebScraper(‘name’,’‘) it should output: 6 Answer Here’s a simple example script that defines the function you want. when I run it the output is: “name” appears in exactly 6 times I assumed you wanted case-insensitive match because in the page

Pyglet game movement lagging behind

So, my snake makes a continuous movement, but if I press any key it goes back in time and lags back and forward. Here is a video: My guess would be to update the key input faster, but when I do that everything updates faster, so the snake goes faster etc. Code (as requested in text form) here: Answer Converting all my comments into a answer instead. It won’t solve your problem completely. But due to lack of time, I’ll leave something useful at least that almost solves it. The reason for these are a couple. One of them