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Python json to object from model

I know this looks like Frequency Ask Question mainly this question: How to convert JSON data into a Python object? I will mention most voted answer: Based on that answer, x is object. But it’s not object from model. I mean model that created with class. For example: I’m asking this is simply because my autocompletion doesn’t work in my

If I changed the function name in a class, what happen to the function?

Consider the following codes Now consider a few cases when executing the class as below Next Now if I changed the function name I got However, I am confused denny.password = ‘code:456’ does not make any change to return ‘code:123’ in the original class, right? Has the original method password(self) been destroyed? After changing the function name, a new function

Python: class and object

I have no idea why when i run my code it returns wrong value. These are the assertions that I use to test my code when i print out my code i get a correct result for weeks and hours, buts for days I always get the wrong result. If anybody know could youplease help me. Answer I couldn’t figure

How can I keep all objects updated in this OOP example?

I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but I’ll try my best. Here is a simple OOP example where you create players to kill a dragon. The point is to assign to each player a specific amount of damage to inflict on a dragon, in order to kill it. For instance, if a dragon has 200 health and 2