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Filter contour area with smaller area

I would like to filter out cnts with small area. But I got the an error. What is the proper way to use filter? code error Answer The filter function returns a generator but the drawContours function expects a list. To fix this, use the list command. Another solution is to use a list comprehension to build the list, like

How to efficiently filter a large python list?

I have a relatively large array called allListings and want to filter out all rows where allListings[:][14] == listingID. This is the code I am using: tempRows = list(filter(lambda x: x[14] == listingID, allListings)) The filtering is repeated in a for loop for all different listingID Profiling shows, that this line consumes 95% of the runtime in the loop. Is

Why printing (len(list(nums)) twice have different result in this code in python?

Code: this is the output: Why printing(len(list(nums)) will output different result? Answer Short answer: Because the filter function returns an iterator, and the first call list function consumes all the elements of the iterator, so the second time you call the list function on the same iterator you will get an empty list. Deep insight: The term “consume” is an

Date filter binned data

I have a model in django that contains a start and end date for a financial year and a value for demand volume. I would like to filter this data on a given date range that may not coincide with the date ranges of the data, taking a proportion of the demand from each data point that may fall somewhere