Empty dataframe when filtering

I have a dataframe that looks like this: Now I’d like to filter like this: However, I am getting an empty dataframe. What am I doing wrong here? Answer Try df1.loc[df1[‘PZAE’]==”‘HAE'”] Details : the column ‘PZAE’ contains str starting and finishing by ‘ that’s why you have to include them in the condition

Using filter and lambda in a list of lists

I working with a list of lists. Each of those lists are the same — they contain title, url and some additional statistics (always in the same order). I would like to create a function find_title, which takes the wanted title and returns the whole list (with title, url and statistics). That’s my attempt However it doesn’t work, it returns nothing. That’s probably because x[0] denotes only the first element in the big list. How can it be fixed? Edit. That’s a part of ls: Answer You can directly extract the information from dataframe like this: