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Find and replace no updating values

I’m writing a script that combine csv into one and then do a find an replace for specific formatting and ask the user to correct the ones that not match. The output is not on the right csv format It should be Answer This problems has a number of different parts, and you’ve made a good attempt :) I recommend

Find Function in Python

I’ve made this code but it is not acting how I was expecting: Basically I read a .pcap file which can be full of information or empty and I’m looking for a word inside each raw. If it is found I start some operation on this string in order to reach a desidered position inside the string. I noticed that

python substrn cells in a column dataframe

I have this data frame with this kind of column: I need to clean this up and leave from “DCG_” up to where “</div>” begins: Most of the cells in this column vary where the “DCG_” is located as well as the “</div>”, I’m trying to use the following code line for this: but it just returns all null Answer

How to check if a value exists in a dictionary?

I have the following dictionary in python: I need a way to find if a value such as “one” or “two” exists in this dictionary. For example, if I wanted to know if the index “1” existed I would simply have to type: And then python would tell me if that is true or false, however I need to do

How find values in an array that meet two conditions using Python

I have an array and I want to find the indices of the element s that meet two conditions i.e. I can use numpy.nonzero(a>3) or numpy.nonzero(a<8) but not numpy.nonzero(a>3 and a<8) which gives the error: When I try to use any or all I get the same error. Is it possible to combine two conditional tests to get the ans?