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Capture substring and send it to a function that modifies it and can replace it in this string

Incorrect output that I am getting, because if I incorrectly capture the substrings, the replacements will also be incorrect Having well-defined limits, I don’t understand why this capture pattern try to capture beyond them? And the output that I need is that: Answer There are several errors in your code, among which: You are printing the result of the one_day_or_another_day_relative_to_a_date_func

How to replace irrelevant data into mean values?

Let’s say I have 600,000 data points in column for age. In the data there are values 0 and -1, which is not relevant for age. How can I change both 0 and -1 values in my data to the column mean value using python? The code so far: Answer You can find the mean separatly and then use the

How can I replace a string value with its corresponding Boolean value in a nested dictionary in Python?

I was recently given a project to do for my Python college course. Basically, you save a dictionary in a csv file with csv.DictWriter, and then you load it back into another dictionary with csv.DictReader. However, for some reason, one of the automated unittests fails my function because the final dictionary contains values “True” or “False” instead of Bool values

I’m trying to replace/convert all the A’s and B’s in a particular column to 1 and O in a csv file

This is the error i’m getting This is what i have tried repl = {‘Y’:’1′, ‘N’:’0′} prices_dataframe[‘col_state’] = prices_dataframe[‘col_state’].replace(repl, regex=True) Answer The replace() method is unique to strings, and at some point the value you are trying to replace is being a boolean (True or False). If you still want to replace it, you can transform the value into a

Find and replace no updating values

I’m writing a script that combine csv into one and then do a find an replace for specific formatting and ask the user to correct the ones that not match. The output is not on the right csv format It should be Answer This problems has a number of different parts, and you’ve made a good attempt :) I recommend

Regex removes certain words from my string – Python

The below code is to lookup a dictionary and replace string with values corresponding to dict’s key. Can someone help me understand why my code omits certain words? It removes lh preceeded and followed with a . i.e., lh. and .lh. How to overcome this? I get the output left hand l.h. -left hand- l.h plh phli lhp 1lh lh1

Create patterns to detect the occurrence of sequences so that you can restrict in which cases to replace the detected substrings in the input string

These are the input string examples: I have tried with a simple replacement, but I think that the cases must be further restricted with a regex pattern so that unwanted replacements are not made… , and to be able to obtain this string as output… the correct output for each of these examples: In this case, the pseudo-pattern is: some