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Tag: loops

Formulating the constraint x[i+1]<= x[i] in Pyomo

I have my decision variable x which is indexed on the list N. I want the constraint that x[i+1] <= x[i] or x[i] <= x[i-1]. But how do I do this in Pyomo without going out of range with my index? This thus doesn’t work. Anyone an idea how to do this? Answer You could use Constraint.Skip to avoid accessing

Generate random binary matrix constrained to no null row

I want to generate a random binary matrix, so I’m using W=np.random.binomial(1, p, (n,n)). It works fine, but I want a constraint that no row is just of 0s. I create the following function: It also works fine, but it seems to me too inefficient. Is there a faster way to create this constraint? Answer When the matrix is large,

how to store arrays inside tuple in Python?

I have a simple question in python. How can I store arrays inside a tuple in Python. For example: I want the output of my code to be like this: So I want (0, 1) to be repeated for a specific number of times inside a tuple! I have tried to use the following code to loop over a tuple:

Iterate in a dictionary inside a list of json and get a dataframe

I have a file with this structure (it comes from a json): I need to iterate through it for getting a dataframe like this: I’m trying to do it with this code: But I’m getting a dataframe with 3 columns: document, highlights and text_match like this: . I guess the solution is not very difficult but I’m having problems about

Name ‘ ‘ is not defined – python

from bunch of files I want to extract some info (code is below), but I came across error: “name ‘GH_Pos21X_true’ is not defined”, full error: Where should I defined it? Code: I can’t see a problem, maybe someone could help me find my mistake? I will be grateful. If I don’t set this variable as global I have this error: