For loop: how to print last element without blank space?

I have a strange problem which I cant figure out for some time now. I have 4 nested for loops and in the last one: How can I remove the blank space the last time it prints, i.e the last time all flags are True? And I have to note that I still haven’t learned functions and lists. Answer Ok, this is a possible solution: You can also consider using functools.reduce

The else function does not appear even if the “if” conditions are not met [closed]

Closed. This question is not reproducible or was caused by typos. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Stack Overflow. Closed 2 days ago. Improve this question The problem is when the bro says “no” the condition “if” always appears even if i use “else” or “elif”, why? Isn’t it supposed that if the input is something other than yes or yeah, is else what appears? pls help ok here is my code: enter image description here Answer In Python, the expression: is equivalent to: And, since “YEAH” is

Counting the number of triplets forming GP series in python

The problem statement is: You are given an array and you need to find number of triplets of indices(i,j,k) such that the elements at those indices are in geometric progression for a given common ratio, r and i<j<k. For example, arr=[1,4,16,64]. If r=4, we have [1,4,16] and [4,16,64] at indices (0,1,2) and (1,2,3). I have a solution but I am unable to understand it. Can anyone help me out? Answer The way this problem works is that it uses “dict” to keep a running count of each number in the array. Then, it uses “dictPairs” to keep a running count

Write a code to perform the same operation to multiple pandas DataFrames

I am trying to write a loop/definition to perform the same operation to multiple panda DataFrames. My aim is to get 5 pandas DataFrames with names a, b, c, d and e and to multiple of operations to them. What i get is “NameError: name ‘a’ is not defined”, and the new files are not written. I just can’t get it to work. There are many treads in how to import multiple files into one single DataFrame, but can’t find anything on this issue. Many thanks for your time and help!! This is an example of what i have tried

Call many python functions from a module by looping through a list of function names and making them variables

I have three similar functions in I am working out of file. I am trying to create a variable string which will call the appropriate function by looping through the list of all functions. My code reads from a list of function names, iterates through the list and running the function on each iteration. Each function returns 10 pieces of information from separate websites I have tried 2 variations annotated as Option A and Option B below Option A Option B Even though it is not seen, I continue to loop through the iteration by ending each loop

How to repeat the steps

In my program I have total of 3 steps. To find the mean Split the given list using the mean value If the threshold value > epsilon then update mean value and repeat the step 2 again with updated mean value, else finished. I have achieved above two steps anyhow. Third step I have achieved only half and struggling in how to repeat the step 2 till the threshold value will be less than epsilon. My code is below: My output of above is: In this case I have to repeat the step 2 again considering new mean. I am

Python dynamic for loop range size

I’m trying to add Link argument to ini file by using python. Example of ini file: I need to do like this: My for loop: My code works, but it does not add Link for last tags. I’ve found why. If I add in range(len(m)+100): Then code adds all Links. Looks like len(m) is old value (static?), because I’m increasing len with insert during loop. Any ideas? I have tried something like insertings = 0, then range(len(m)+insertings) and afer insert insertings = insertings+1 But no luck :( Answer Create a new list:

Analysing height difference from columns and selecting max difference in Python

I have a .csv file containing x y data from transects (.csv file here). The file can contain a few dozen transects (example only 4). I want to calculate the elevation change from each transect and then select the transect with the highest elevation change. I’ve tried to calculate the change with pandas.dataframe.diff but I’m unable to select the highest elevation change from this. UPDATE: I found a way to calculate the height difference for 1 transect. The goal is now to loop this script through the different other transects and let it select the transect with the highest difference.

Program to find the nth prime number

I wrote a code in python to find the nth prime number. The code looked fine to me, but it returns an error when I run it: It appears to me as if it is trying to say that I am referring to ptrue in the last line even though I am not. What is the problem here… Can anyone help? Answer how about using Boolean ? and initalize ptrue out of while loop