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Print number of occurrences of any items in a list in paths

I am using os.walk to identify paths in a generic source directory (SRC) that contain any strings in my_list: And let’s say that print(source_path) gives the following: My goal is to shutil.move my source_path’s, but since, for example, moving /User/dir_1/bird_files/ and then trying to move /User/dir_1/bird_files/bird_a_files/ will result in a FileNotFound Error, I want to filter my source_path’s to include

Sorting by word count that store in dict python

how can you sort by word count? sorted() sort me only by the number of numbers? Thank you for your help input is print(make_dict(“test is test tests tests tests”)) output is {‘test’: 2, ‘is’: 1, ‘tests’: 3} im search output tests ,test ,is Answer You can change your code like approach_1 or use collections.Counter like approach_2. You can sorted on

Combining dummies and count for pandas dataframe

I have a pandas dataframe like this: as a plain text: {‘id;sub_id;value;total_stuff related to id and sub_id’: [‘aaa;1;cat;10’, ‘aaa;1;cat;10’, ‘aaa;1;dog;10’, ‘aaa;2;cat;7’, ‘aaa;2;dog;7’, ‘aaa;3;cat;5’, ‘bbb;1;panda;20’, ‘bbb;1;cat;20’, ‘bbb;2;panda;12’]} The desired output I want is this. Note that there are many different “values” possible, so I would need to automate the creation of dummies variables (nb_animals). But these dummies variables must contain the

Counting word frequency in a sentence

I have two columns – one with sentences and the other with single words. Sentence word “Such a day! It’s a beautiful day out there” “beautiful” “Such a day! It’s a beautiful day out there” “day” “I am sad by the sad weather” “weather” “I am sad by the sad weather” “sad” I want to count the frequency of the

Count number of days in each continuous period pandas

Suppose I have next df N03_zero (date_code is already datetime): Millions of rows with date_code assigned to some item_code. I am trying to get the number of days of each continuous period for each item_code, all other similar questions doesn’t helped me. The expected df should be: Once days sequence breaks, it should count days in this sequence and then