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Tag: sorting

Sort a number by its digits

I have to sort a vector of integers (all integers have the same length). Integers with the same first digit must be sorted in relation to the second digits, and numbers with the same: first and second digits are sorted by third digit etc. Also, the subsequent digits are sorted alternately (once ascending and once descending) So when I have

Trouble sorting list of lists in Python with Insertion Sort

I am currently making a Python program which takes in the name of a grocery item, the aisle it’s on, its location along the aisle, and the price. It holds the data in a list of lists, with each inner list containing 4 elements. The program attempts to create the optimal route through the aisles, with traversal on odd aisles

Sort by custom function in R

In python, I can do something like It gives me [1, 5, 99, 100, -5, -7, -100] It is sorted by positive/negative number and abs value. How can I do the same thing in R? Without splitting into positive and negative numbers? a = c(1,100,5,-5,-7,99,-100) Answer Use the order() function: Created on 2022-03-22 by the reprex package (v2.0.1) Another possibility