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Tag: arrays

How to use a dictionary to modify an array in python

I am trying to use a dictionary (created by reading the content of a first file) to modify the content of an array(created by reading the content of a second file) in order to return as many modified arrays as their are keys in the dictionary with the modification corresponding the position and change in the original array indicated in

saving appended list/dictionary to pandas dataframe

I am working on a code like below, which slices the address column. For this I have created a dictionary and created an empty list final to append all the pre processing.see code After preprocessing I am appending the empty list. Now, I want to update the df_dict with the final list. and convert the df_dict to pandas dataframe. sample

Can I sort two related arrays in parallel using python?

I have two arrays with the shape (74395, 1) storing float values where arr1[0] correlates to arr2[0] and so on. I would like to sort them together in ascending order by the values stored in the second array. As an example: wanted result: How could I do that in python? Answer Use numpy.argsort with numpy.take_along_axis: Output:

How can I assign a variable from a string inside a json dictionary?

This is my get output on each asset im getting data back from I can access the dictionary values easily, but how doo i access the value of the array, i want to be able to add up each critical vulnerability this is the return, im trying to get critical, moderate, severe values from the vulnerabilities sub array Answer You’ve

Parametrizing fixtures and functions without combinations

Here’s the thing: I have an Array2D class that receives parameters ‘shape’ and ‘val’. The constructor is as follows: I would like to perform tests on this class. To do this I have declared a variable ARRAY_CONFIG, which lists parameters for different two-dimensional arrays. Here is an example: I have also defined other lists that store the expected values for

How do I get a specific element from a json string?

I have a JSON string (not in a file): [{‘x’: 403.5, ‘y’: 53.0, ‘width’: 117, ‘height’: 106, ‘class’: ‘fruitflies’, ‘confidence’: 0.626}, {‘x’: 446.0, ‘y’: 189.0, ‘width’: 124, ‘height’: 130, ‘class’: ‘fruitflies’, ‘confidence’: 0.528}], now as you can see, the entire string is in a list. Inside the list is the dictionary. There are 2 dictionaries in the list and I

Delete all zeros slices from 4d numpy array

I pretend to remove slices from the third dimension of a 4d numpy array if it’s contains only zeros. I have a 4d numpy array of dimensions [256,256,336,6] and I need to delete the slices in the third dimension that only contains zeros. So the result would have a shape like this , e.g. [256,256,300,6] if 36 slices are fully