how to merge similar observations by key attributes in json python

Im working with JSON in python, It new to me, and im trying to merge similar observations by key attributes. The JSON looks like this: I tried to create a list with unique observations using this: the output is: then I tried to look for that list values and to add to them the observations but for some reason, it’s only giving me back the latest one: Answer Looks like you need a groupby. Using itertools.groupby. Note this works only if the list is ordered. Ex: Output: If the list is unordered use a simple dict Ex: Output:

Json.loads error on reading mutiple json files from s3 bucket

when I am passing manually json file as key to load in python shell then its working fine. code below However when using for loop to read JSON object from s3 bucket, then I am getting the error Answer Some of the entries in bucket.objects don’t have any JSON in the data, so check for that and skip them. : Sort message ID in a JSON file by user

I’m currently in the process of making a kind of ticket system. I want to do that through a reaction. When a user clicks on the reaction, a message is sent to a specific channel. This message ID is saved in a JSON file and should be assigned to the user who clicked on the reaction. But if I save the user and the message individually in the JSON file, I don’t know which user the message belongs to. How can I assign the message ID to a user? My Code: Answer The code would look something like: You don’t

Problem with loading a json file for geo_data in python

I am currently trying to use folium library in python to create webmaps. I have a file world.json which contains geo_data. I have provided a link to the file at the end of this post. I tried the following code: and received the following error: How can I load this file? What I want to achieve is essentially obtain the population data and create a Choropleth and overlay it on my webmap. Edit: Forgot the link:!Army95vqcKXpaooVAZU_g-VCAVw?e=vwTknq Edit: Previous link to skydrive stopped working due to “high traffic”. Below is link to dropbox, hopefully this works: Answer Good news/bad

How to get rid of r n and elements in a string

I’ve web scraped addresses and the address strings have unwanted elements like “n” and “<br/>”, how do I remove them? Answer You can clean these html leftovers with a regular expression:

merge & write two jsonl (json lines) files into a new jsonl file in python3.6

Hello I have two jsonl files like so: one.jsonl second.jsonl And my goal is to write a new jsonl file (with encoding preserved) name merged_file.jsonl which will look like this: My approach is like this: However I am met with this error: TypeError: Object of type generator is not JSON serializable I will apprecite your hint/help in any ways. Thank you! I have looked other SO repos, they are all writing normal json files, which should work in my case too, but its keep failing. Reading single file like this works: Answer It is possible that extract_json returns a generator

Can’t open and write a file twice in a command in

I want to open a json file, to safe things in there and after a few seconds I want to delete that again. I asked already in dpy support. They said, I can’t open a file in write mode. But how can I open the file anyway? Or how can I get out of this write mode? I tried this: I get this error: Answer What’s happening there is you’re trying to open the file while it’s still open. Unindenting from the context manager automatically closes the file. The error itself is stating that the file is malformed and most

Remove all elements of a string list in python if they contain a given phrase

Have a list called summary containing a corresponding JSON object similar to: Essentially, if “tables_data”: “” is found within the string of a list item, I want the entire list item to be removed. How would I go about doing this? Answer You can do a dictionary-comprehension selecting the dictionary item with ‘tables_data’ has a value not equals ”:

how to make json.loads() read a json string with the column names as the first element

I am serializing a datatable from a http get and for performance reasons would prefer to serialize it in a Names, Values structure, so that the first element contains the column names, can json.loads deal with this, if not is there another json parser that will? (this reduces the size to 20% of a standard JSON stream with the field names repeated for each ‘row’) Answer I did some digging and found ijson. It lets you iterate over a json file and access its objects. you can build you data structur like this(i was lazy and used pd):

Use python to turn mysql into json

I want to use python to turn mysql into json, but when I use the following code, the result is json line by line, not a whole set of json Answer You need to pull out the json.dumps() line from the for loop. This is resulting in conversion of into json with each iteration and printing in each iteration. Your code should look like this :