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FastAPI – Unable to get auth token from middleware’s Request object

Following Starlette documentation (FastAPI uses Starlette for middlewares), response.headers[“Authorization”] should allow me to get the bearer token, but I get a KeyError saying no such attribute exists. When I print response.headers, I get MutableHeaders({‘content-length’: ’14’, ‘content-type’: ‘application/json’}). Why is the authorization attribute not in the header despite of making a request with an auth header? Answer You are trying to

How can I do a python API request with the body?

if I do a POST request on Postman with my local API server it works: But if I try in python with this syntax it doesn’t work:‘’, data={‘path’: ‘test’}).text it returns: “file argument ‘path’ is requiredn” Can you please explain me why it doesn’t work? Answer The issue is that using data on defaults to application/x-www-form-urlencoded while your

Push data to Campaign Monitor using Python

Campaign Monitor is a service where we can send emails to a set of subscribers. We can create multiple lists within Campaign Monitor and add the required users to these lists as subscribers(to whom we can send personalised emails). So, here I am trying to send a set of customers’ details like their name, emails, total_bookings, and first_booking to the

Json to CSV file conversion using python

I have a sample JSON file like this i need to take only specific key and values from the json file and convert it into a CSV file Code: Ref:Extracting Specific Keys/Values From A Messed-Up JSON File (Python) When I’m passing 2 values through the extract(), getting NaN in between result I need to get an output like the below

Python: when trying to extract certain keys, how can I avoid a KeyError when in some dict elements, the key value is missing from APi json?

I can successfully extract every column using Python, except the one I need most (order_id) from an API generated json that lists field reps interactions with clients. Not all interactions result in orders; there are multiple types of interactions. I know I will need to add the flag to show ‘None’ and then in my for loop and an if-statement

Python websocket closes after few seconds

I am try subscribe API Process how I am doing it. Login (Ok) Subscribe some command (Ok) The data starts coming in (Ok) After few second (cca 20s) (Fail) on: Python or API closes connection :( inicialize socket: Every 5s I am sending following ping There is a way to open new connection but this approach it’s not optimal.

IBKR TWS API reqIds does not send back any messages to nextValidId

Shouldn’t the following code at least print “hi”, as I connect to the API and then reqIds is supposed to shoot a message back to nextValidId? Instead, when I run this, nothing happens at all. Answer delete these lines You don’t need to request ids on startup, the next one comes automatically. Don’t disconnect before you get a response. If