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How to get parameter values out of json post

I am trying to use the bing maps api to get travel time and distance between 2 gps coordinates. I get a json answer, however, I am not able to get the values out of this dictionary ? gives the following result: now: how do I get the travelDistance out of this ? (14.511 in this case) or the travelDuration

How to take dynamic input from flask and pass it to other function?

How can I take input from url in flask from the parameter? I need to take the above Id from input and pass it to other function without again needing to write “id” How can I directly use the id from give_id(id) function and feed it into vid_stream.get_hls_url function? Posting complete demo code, In case someone needs to run locally.

FastAPI – Unable to get auth token from middleware’s Request object

Following Starlette documentation (FastAPI uses Starlette for middlewares), response.headers[“Authorization”] should allow me to get the bearer token, but I get a KeyError saying no such attribute exists. When I print response.headers, I get MutableHeaders({‘content-length’: ’14’, ‘content-type’: ‘application/json’}). Why is the authorization attribute not in the header despite of making a request with an auth header? Answer You are trying to

How can I do a python API request with the body?

if I do a POST request on Postman with my local API server it works: But if I try in python with this syntax it doesn’t work:‘’, data={‘path’: ‘test’}).text it returns: “file argument ‘path’ is requiredn” Can you please explain me why it doesn’t work? Answer The issue is that using data on defaults to application/x-www-form-urlencoded while your

Push data to Campaign Monitor using Python

Campaign Monitor is a service where we can send emails to a set of subscribers. We can create multiple lists within Campaign Monitor and add the required users to these lists as subscribers(to whom we can send personalised emails). So, here I am trying to send a set of customers’ details like their name, emails, total_bookings, and first_booking to the

Json to CSV file conversion using python

I have a sample JSON file like this i need to take only specific key and values from the json file and convert it into a CSV file Code: Ref:Extracting Specific Keys/Values From A Messed-Up JSON File (Python) When I’m passing 2 values through the extract(), getting NaN in between result I need to get an output like the below

How to call the CITES species+ api in python?

I am trying to access the cites species api to get information on a input species name. Reference document: I tried to use the api with the provided API Key. I get error code 401. Here is the code Answer As @jonrsharpe said in comment: You have to set APIKEY as header – don’t put it in URL. You