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Python does something every 5 minutes

i need to check data on an API. The API is refreshed with new data every 5 minutes (10:00, 10:05, 10:10 etc…) I don’t want to use time.sleep(300) because i want my script to do something at 10:05:03, then 10:05:03 etc. and not 5 min avec the script started (maybe it started at 10h12 How can i build this? Thanks

In, is it possible to wait for a variable to change from a different part of the code than the variable changes?

I tried using time.sleep(), but instead of waiting for the variable it paused the whole code, not allowing the variable to change. This is my code: I can’t figure out what to replace time.sleep(1.0) with. Answer You can use await asyncio.sleep(1) instead. Asyncio.sleep works like time.sleep, but it doesn’t block the entire code execution. It stops only one event. Meanwhile,

Setting Time with interval of 1 minute

I have a dataset which comprises of minutely data for 2 stocks over 3 months. I have to create date in the first column and time (with interval of 1 minute) in the next column for 3 months. I am attaching the snap of 1 such data set. Kindly help me to solve this problem. Data Format Answer -Create 3