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Tag: spyder

Spyder: run a command in debug mode

I want to use the Spyder debugger (ipdb or whatever it is) from the console. It seems like the only way to enter the debugger is with the “Debug file” command, which requires me to make a dedicated file every time I want to debug something. It seems like there must be a way to do this that I just

How to install NetCDF4 module in Spyder?

I don’t know why this is causing me so much headache. I know how to use pip, and have the latest version, but still when running a script in Spyder that requires netCDF4 (import netCDF4) Spyder always returns: I opened cmd, pip install netCDF4, confirmed it installed OK. Shouldn’t this be enough? I manually copied a downloaded version of netCDF4,

Integrate Class

So I have been trying to create an integrate class for an assignment and while I have gotten a simple skeletal structure for the functions within said class, I keep on getting a None result, which really bugs me. The code that I have written down though is written below. What do I do to make this code work? Answer

Restarting kernel, ipython console in spyder

I am having this problem in spyder where, after I run my code and exit the gui.program, the kernel needs to manually be restarted after every time my code is ran, I sometimes even have to shut down spyder as kernel crashes. I am wondering if there is a way for the kernel to automatically be reset after closing the

Reading Matrix from file

I have a txt file consisting some numbers with space and I want to make it as three 4*4 matrixes in python. Each matrix is also divided with two symbols in the text file. The format of the txt file is like this: My code is now like this but it is not showing the output I want. Can you

AttributeError when applying map() for formatting

Hoping someone can advise on the AttributeError I’m receiving, as I’m not sure what is wrong with the way my code is written. I’ve seen other posts dealing with “‘DataFrame’ object has no attribute”, but it wasn’t applicable to this scenario. Using Python’s map() function to iterate and apply the same formatting across all rows and specified columns, but the

Can’t launch Spyder after installing with pip

Python beginner here. I would like to use Spyder as my Python IDE. Alas the standalone version does not include pip and I want to work with “Vanilla Python” rather than Anaconda. So I installed Spyder via pip install spyder, which works fine. However, when running spyder3 in the command window, nothing happens. I get no error, but Spyder does