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Python script to extract data from csv file

sharing the sample file screenshots, script I developed and other details below. In the countries_source.csv file, I have a list of countries and I need a subset of its data created in mycountries.csv file until I hit the value “Asia” in the first column. Using the below script, I was able to get the data till the 14th row –

Create list of list tuples from reading a txt file

I have a txt file that look likes And Im trying to make a tuples from this txt which ı will evalute them laterly word to features later on. I want to have a list of list look like this : All of the whitespaces indicates that the sentences over and should add to list to given index, laterly after

Creating a word length frequency table in python

I have the following code: Without importing anything else, how would I make a table which prints the length and then the frequency. For example: In a file with the text of “a blah ba ba” it would print: What confuses me about this is how to add all the length of the words together, should I be making a

Reading Matrix from file

I have a txt file consisting some numbers with space and I want to make it as three 4*4 matrixes in python. Each matrix is also divided with two symbols in the text file. The format of the txt file is like this: My code is now like this but it is not showing the output I want. Can you

Change Value of a Kivy Property from a seperate File

So at the moment im having a problem with Kivy, which i cant resolve. I have a situation where i want to change the Value of a Kivy NumericProperty in a File “A” from another programm “B”, thus that the program “C”, where all the Kivy interface stuff is, detects the change and updates the value on the screen. File