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valid and corrupt lines from file

As you can read, the function validate_data should check the imported file for corrupt and valid lines, then append them to the correct list, and print them. It works, except that, as you can probably see, the lines will not print in a single line. I’m sure I have to make two other lists to append the correct data into

How to add dotted or dashed line to png in Python?

Hello I want a draw a dashed or dotted line to png, I couldn’t find How can I do that, Can someone help ? im =‘RGB’, (2000,2000),tuple(int(hex_color[i:i+2], 16) for i in (0, 2, 4))) print(“…Saving…”)‘C:\Users\th3m1s\Desktop\Lejant\’+str(legend_code)+’.png’, quality=100) Result is click here Answer Have you considered creating a new image with vertical lines as well as horizontal lines, slightly taller

1 px thick line cv2

I need to draw a line in an image where no pixel is thicker than 1 pixel in the horizontal dimension. Despite I use thickness=1 in poly lines, in the resulting plot there may be 2 pixels horizontally adjacent set to 255, like in this pic: How can I prevent to have adjacent pixels set to 255? Or equivalently: what

Plot Over Line with pvpython

Good afternoon, I am trying to use the filter “Plot Over Line” of Paraview in a Python script. Basically, I want to: Open the file “.vtu”; Use the filter PlotOverLine for the velocity; Save the data in a “.csv” file. On internet, I found a possible way to do this, but it gives error if ran with pvpython (even if

Find Nth item in comma separated list in Python

I have a large CSV with comma separated lines of varying length. Sorting another set of data I used split(‘,’) in a loop to separate fields, but this method requires each line to have the same number of entries. Is there a way I can look at a line and, independent of the total number of entries, just pull the

Matplotlib – How to remove a specific line or curve

I want to remove a specific line in a plot of multiple lines. Bellow is a given example which is not sufficient for me because it removes only the last plotted line and not the line that I want to remove. How can I do that? How can I address a specific line(by name, by number, by reference) throughout the

matplotlib 2d line line,=plot comma meaning

I’m walking through basic tutorials for matplotlib, and the example code that I’m working on is: Does anyone know what the comma after line (line,=plt.plot(x,y,’-‘)) means? I thought it was a typo but obviously the whole code doesn’t work if I omit the comma. Answer plt.plot returns a list of the Line2D objects plotted, even if you plot only one

How to read specific lines from a file (by line number)?

I’m using a for loop to read a file, but I only want to read specific lines, say line #26 and #30. Is there any built-in feature to achieve this? Answer If the file to read is big, and you don’t want to read the whole file in memory at once: Note that i == n-1 for the nth line.