How to build a CNN model for MNIST fashion and test it with a another set of image from web?

Importing the data and splitting it into 4 for test and train x_train=x_train/255.0 x_test=x_test/255.0 c_trainX = trainX.reshape(x_train.shape[0],28,28,1)#x_train.shape[0] = 60 model3 = …

Does distort grayscale PNG images?

Recently, I’ve been trying to load some grayscale images into my Python program using Pillow’s However, I’ve been finding that the image gets distorted, and all the values polarized. …

Get Hex Color Code & Coordinate of The Pixel in A Image

imagine i have a 3×3 image & numbers as it’s pixel 123 456 789 using python i want value of each pixel in hex-color code line by line, like using above example as a image if a run the script i …

Is there any other way to load a resource like an image, sound, or font into Pygame? [closed]

I am working on a game in pygame and I published some of my previous games on When I am loading image I used to do it like this: player = pygame.image.load(r”C:Usersuserfolderfolder1…

Drawing a simple image, displaying it, and closing it

I am trying to do some simple drawings. I wanted to use opencv (cv2) because on a second project I have to display a small animation (rectangle, size depending on a variable; updated every X seconds). …

Error:module ‘cv2.cv2’ has no attribute ‘STEREO_BM_BASIC_PRESET’

I am trying to get the depth map of two stereo images but error ‘cv2.cv2’ has no attribute ‘STEREO_BM_BASIC_PRESET’ occurred. the code: Answer solved worked with OpenCV 4.

Django 2.2 img’s not loading

I’m actually new to django and I found a problem when loading my images, I did the settings like the docs said and it saves my images to the right folder. Just the loading part does not work as I want it to. the upload is working as expected. Saves all images to the media folder (which is on the applevel) so: media/gallery/name.jpg. running the server doesnt show the image but the source seems fine: There seems to be a problem with serving files locally when debugging, but all i could find were for older django versions. Iam using

How Delete line In image with openCV

I have these images and I want to eliminate the lines that appear, so that the date remains without any other noise. How can I do it in python with openCV? 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg Answer output:

Find all coordinates of black / grey pixels in image using python

I’m trying to find a way to read any any .png, .jpg or .tiff, and return the coordinates of all black or grey pixels in that image. I’m thinking of having a certain threshold grey color, and writing …

Could not open resource file: pygame.error: Couldn’t open sprite/test_bg.jpg

Import pygame pygame.init() BG = pygame.image.load(‘_pycache_/test_bg.jpg’) def DrawGameWin(): window.blit(BG,(0,0)) pygame.display.update() DrawGameWin()