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Tag: pandas

Updating columns of list based on match

Purpose The main purpose is to be able to compute the share of resources used by node i in relation to its neighbors: r_i / sum_j^i{r_j} where r_i are node i resources and sum_j^i{r_j} is the sum of i’s neighbors’ resources. I am open to any R, python or eventually stata solutions, that are able to achieve this task on

How to merge multiple columns of a dataframe using regex´╝č

I have a df which as following Here what I want to do is combine those columns and we have two rules: If a column removes _C{0~9} or _C{0~9}{0~9} or _C{0~9}{0~9}{0~9} is equal to another column, these two columns can be combined. Let’s take number_C1_E1 number_C2_E2 number_C3_E1 as an example, here number_C1_E1 and number_C3_E1 can be combined because they are

How do I separate measurement value and unit into their respective columns if they appear together in DataFrame?

I have a DataFrame which contains measurements; e.g., weight, height, etc. However, sometimes the measurement column contains units together with values. Therefore, I would like to separate measurement values and units if they are together in DataFrame. Eg., In the below DataFrame, df, the height value and unit of the first entry are in respective columns. However, the value column

Why can’t I save my scraped html table to pandas dataframe?

I have a python script that scrapes a html table. When I try to save my scraped data to pandas dataframe, I get an error. Please help me check what am doing wrong? Here is my codeblock Here is the error i get I want to save the above scraped values into pandas dataframe. That’s my aim. Please help if