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Tag: pandas

Join two columns of sequentially values

I have dataframe, where ‘A’ 1 – client, B – admin I need to merge messages in row with 1 sequentially and merge lines 2 – admin response sequentially across the dataframe. I do not know how to do this Answer Create groups by consecutive values in B – trick compare shifted values with cumulative sum and aggregate first and

keep the same name until value = true in another pandas column

I have a dataframe with 3 columns: session_id, name, reset_flag. I need to make a new column, new_name, where the new name will be set to the first name where reset_flag=True, and then it will continue as that name WITHIN that session, until there is new reset_flag. Not really sure best way to approach. EDIT: I thought of a way

How to convert a dataframe to nested json

I have this DataFrame: All the dataframe fields are ASCII strings and is the output from a SQL query (pd.read_sql_query) so the line to create the dataframe above may not be quite right. And I wish the final JSON output to be in the form I realize that may not be ‘normal’ JSON but that is the format expected by