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Tag: visualization

Add custom labels to seaborn color palette

The result that I get is: But the labels are “under, bad, over”. Not sure from where it is pulling it, is there a way to rename or remove those variables? I tried the following, but did not work I want the labels to be low, med and high Answer Using appropriate grid of subplots, we can create the expected

Degeneracy given a graph

An exercise requires to determine the degenerative level of a graph. To do that, I have found useful the following code (source: which represents an undirected graph using adjacency list representation An example of data that I am using for building a graph is I have tried to calculate the adjacency list as follows: but this format does not

Reference local .csv file in altair chart

I’m trying to use altair to visualize data, but I struggle to use it in the way I would like to use it: by not embedding the data inside the generated .html chart, but by referencing the local .csv file that contains the data. Otherwise, it would result in duplicating the data and therefore doubling the required storage. Here’s what