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Tag: plotly

Break line chart on the plot

I have a dataframe with a column for weeks and data captured for each week. it looks like this Now I am plotting a line chart with this data . Notice that from week 23 to week 40, we didnt have data. so my intention is to skip this weeks on the plot and only have a line chart of

Overlay Two Plots in Plotly

Using seaborn I can combine two plots with the code below. Then, I obtain the following graph: I would like to have the same plot in Plotly so that I can use it in Dash. To do so, I have looked up old posts and used 1) fig = go.Figure(data = + worked but did not separate graphs

How to calculate area of a radar chart in plotly/matplotlib?

While attempting to create a radar chart with both matplotlib and plotly, I have been trying to figure out a way to calculate the area of each dataset as represented on the chart. This would help me holistically evaluate a dataset’s effectiveness compared to the variables I have assigned by assigning a “score,” which would be equivalent to the area

Choropleth Plotly Indonesia

I’m trying to make Choropleth Indonesia using Plotly, but I still confused about locationmode and geo_scope of Indonesia. How to figure it out? Answer plotly is packaged with country and US state geometry. If you want to have a choropleth of Indonesia showing different regions / provinces you need to supply the geojson In this example I have pretty much