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Tag: plotly-python

Jupyter Lab Render button disable

There is a green button call ‘Render with panel ‘ in my ‘Jupyer lab’ and I’m trying to get rid of it, not sure where its come from. Things I’ve tried: the jupyter labextension disable didn’t work Answer That icon comes from the Panel Extension, ‘Panel: A high-level app and dashboarding solution for Python’. It’s part of their visual

Python Plotly chart update with two dropdowns

I am trying to build a plotly scatterplot in Jupyter Lab to be able to see dependencies between various columns in a DataFrame. I want to have two dropdown menus (corresponding to the X and Y axes), in each of which a full list of the DF columns will be available. When I select a column in any of the

How to iterate over scatter data?

I am trying to plot a time series on a scatterplot with dropdown boxes using Plotly express. I have 2 traces filtered on some unique values in the “name” column of my data. I’m using the ‘color’ function on px.scatter to filter by this column. Since the traces have the same name, they are duplicated on the plot and I