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Add custom labels to seaborn color palette

The result that I get is: But the labels are “under, bad, over”. Not sure from where it is pulling it, is there a way to rename or remove those variables? I tried the following, but did not work I want the labels to be low, med and high Answer Using appropriate grid of subplots, we can create the expected

Different binwidth for each plot in FacetGrid Seaborn

I would like to give each histplot in FacetGrid from seaborn a different binwidth. To give each plot a binwidth of 3 is possible like this: Output: But let’s say you want to give each plot a different binwidth, for example 1,2,3 and 4 in a list, the following error appears: Error: So I was wondering if anyone knows how

how to successfully install seaborn without error

when i am running import seaborn as sns it throws me an error: How to resolve it? Answer [Updated after comment by @mwaskom] You should fix yout SciPy installation: The command either installs the package if not existing, or re-installs and upgrade if it is not. The dependencies are not re-installed using the –no-deps flag.

How can I add hatching for specific bars in sns.catplot?

I use seaborn to make a categorical barplot of a df containing Pearson correlation R-values for 17 vegetation classes, 3 carbon species and 4 regions. I try to recreate a smaller sample df here: This is my plotting routine: (The plot looks as follows: seaborn categorical barplot) The plot is exactly how I would like it, except that now I

How to create multiple legends?

line plot I’m trying to add a legend containing the black line. However the black line is a separate lineplot. How Do I include the black line into the existing legend or a separate legend? Answer You can to add a label to the line, via sns.lineplot(…, label=…). Note that when using bbox_to_anchor for the legend, you also need to

Color Bar Chart Based on Label Name

I am new to python so please feel free to explain like I am a 2yr old. I am trying to process a spreadsheet and create multiple bar charts by filtering the content based on strings in the row. I now want to ensure that all the bar charts have a consistent bar color scheme based on the label. e.g.

seaborn relplot x values adjustment

I have two parameters from panda’s dataframe, bmi and heart_disease. I want to show them with relplot, it shows information that other plots lose. I used this simple code: The heart_disease parameter only has two values: 1 or 0. However, the plot gave me a whole range of numbers from 0 to 1. How do I make it only 0