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Tag: matplotlib

How to make sns.jointplot histogram into a smooth kde?

I’m plotting some data using sns.jointplot and I want the data inside the scatterplot to remain as points and the histograms on the side to be kde plots instead. I’ve tried using the kind=’kde’ argument, but this changes the data inside to not look like points in a scatterplot anymore. I’ve searched around for a bit and can’t find how.

Returning on HTML with Python Flask

I’m using Python Flask to take input from a simple html file. The HTML asks the user to input a state and when they do that I would like for the output to be a plot. I have the following code that’s creating the Python Flask but when a user inputs a state, the plot outputs in my Jupyter Notebook

Move ticks and labels to the top of a pyplot figure

As per this question, moving the xticks and labels of an AxesSubplot object can be done with ax.xaxis.tick_top(). However, I cannot get this to work with multiple axes inside a figure. Essentially, I want to move the xticks to the very top of the figure (only displayed at the top for the subplots in the first row). Here’s a silly

Pandas: Plotting / annotating from DataFrame

There is this boring dataframe with stock data I have: Then I am plotting the prices So far so good… Then I’d like to show a marker on the chart if there was buy (green) or sell (red) on that day. It’s just to highlight if there was a transaction on that day. The exact intraday price at which the

sympy matplolib piecewise TypeError?

matplotlib TypeError? Please tell me the difference. i want to use plt.plot OK Error.why? raise TypeError(“can’t convert expression to float”) TypeError: can’t convert expression to float (ref) Sympy issues with plotting a piecewise function sympy piecewise:How can I plot a piecewise function using matplotlib? (20220315) Answer Matplotlib expects arrays of points rather than symbolic expressions. SymPy’s plot function is designed