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Tag: matplotlib

Dynamic subplot using Figures in Matplotlib

I want to create a subplot using matplotlib with pysimplegui where each time i select some signals-checkbox(list of values) i should get a plot corresponding to it which will dynamically increase or decrease in size based on my selection so when i select a checkbox the respective plot will be plotted and eqaully spaced and when i deselect a plot

How to remove boundaries in matplotlib rectangles?

The following snippet draws non-overlapping rectangles and works as expected: But when I wish to make the rectangles transparent, they tend to have a border around them, as shown below: Initially, I thought maybe that was due to some overlaps. So, I reduced the size of the rectangles, but I still got it. For example, if I use I get

Drawing 2D and 3D contour in the same plot in python

Is it possible to draw 2D and 3D contour plot like this in python. Sorry I couldn’t provide much detail on the plot in terms of mathematical equations and all. Answer Use plot_surface along with contour to project the contour. It is not limited to the Z plane; you can do this to the X and Y planes as well.

Colorbar and its range shared between two plots

I adapted this code ( that demonstrates how to share a colorbar and its range for two plots, but it doesn’t seem to work when the range of the two plots are different – in the case of the posted code, the plots have the same range (half-open interval [0.0, 1.0)). I generated two plots with different ranges and the

How to find the global minima from a matplotlib graph?

I have two arrays x and y. Here I’ve plotted them using Matplotlib and found the global minima using this simple logic. Here is the output that I’m getting: After that I’ve smoothen the graph BSpline Now my position of the global minima has changed and that simple logic will not work here. I want to know how I can

Plotting values above a threshold in Python

Having issues with plotting values above a set threshold using a pandas dataframe. I have a dataframe that has 21453 rows and 20 columns, and one of the columns is just 1 and 0 values. I’m trying to plot this column using the following code: But get the following errors: Any suggestions on how to fix this? Answer The error