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Tag: matplotlib

python linear chart with min max and Avg

I wonder how in Python I can create a line graph that shows the maximum, minimum and the average for a given epoch. I don’t know much about this language and how to make one x have 3 y values. I would like to create something like: I tried to do it this way the first column is the epoch,

if and else in Convolution function

I have a problem with use if and else statement in convolution function. this code return error: use any() or all() how to can i use condition in convolve? I hope you always good luck. thanks. Answer The name function is called with a numpy array as the parameter. “Is the array less than 300?” isn’t meaningful. Are all the

Mark selected pixels in an image with circle

I have an image, and I have to mark pixels whose intensity value is less than threshold value with a circle. How do you do this, Scatter plot wont work as we need two input. Help in this regard is appreciated. Answer You can use the Circle patch function from matplotlib (see doc here). Here is an example inspired by

How to calculate area of a radar chart in plotly/matplotlib?

While attempting to create a radar chart with both matplotlib and plotly, I have been trying to figure out a way to calculate the area of each dataset as represented on the chart. This would help me holistically evaluate a dataset’s effectiveness compared to the variables I have assigned by assigning a “score,” which would be equivalent to the area

Change the rotation of a standalone colorbar

I have a standalone colorbar that I would like to make vertical : I’ve tried oriental = ‘vertical’ in matplotlib.colorbar but it doesnt seem to work. I find this as a result but I would like this : Thank you ! Answer Three things you need to do: change the dimension, the order in add_axes is [left, bottom, width, height]