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How do I create a seaborn lineplot with multiple lines showing the distribution of values per category?

I have a dataframe of cars from 5 different brands with all models and their technical data. Simplified it looks like that:

Brand Model Power in HP
VW Golf 7 150
Audi A4 190
Audi A5 190
VW Passat 240
VW Polo 80
Ford A4 190
KIA A4 190
Audi Q3 150
Audi S6 400
VW Golf 6 140
VW Golf 5 116

How can I create a multi line plot that shows the distribution of HP for each brand? (each brand is a line in the plot)

I tried the function groupby or simply giving the dataframe columns into the lineplot constructor but that didn’t work..

enter image description here



You can do this in seaborn.

import seaborn as sns
import pandas as pd

# Load data into a pandas DataFrame
data = {'Brand': ['VW', 'Audi', 'Audi', 'VW', 'VW', 'Ford', 'KIA', 'Audi', 'Audi', 'VW', 'VW'],
        'Model': ['Golf 7', 'A4', 'A5', 'Passat', 'Polo', 'A4', 'A4', 'Q3', 'S6', 'Golf 6', 'Golf 5'],
        'Power in HP': [150, 190, 190, 240, 80, 190, 190, 150, 400, 140, 116]}
df = pd.DataFrame(data)

# Use seaborn's "FacetGrid" to create a grid of plots
g = sns.FacetGrid(df, col="Brand", col_wrap=2)

# Map the histogram on the grid, "Power in HP", kde=True, bins=10)

plt.xlabel('Power in HP')

which will plot this:

enter image description here

but you should note that because the data is spars for ford and kia (only one point for each), that nothing will show…

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