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How to use a dictionary to modify an array in python

I am trying to use a dictionary (created by reading the content of a first file) to modify the content of an array(created by reading the content of a second file) in order to return as many modified arrays as their are keys in the dictionary with the modification corresponding the position and change in the original array indicated in

Find max value of a column based on another in python

i have 2d list implementation as follows. It shows no. of times every student topped in exams:- i have another list of unique students as follows:- which i want to display student ranking based on their distinctions as follows:- What built in functions can be useful. I could not pose proper query on net. In other words i need python

Return decimal fields from list

I have a generator which yields to datatype on is decimal and other is string i need the method to just return the decimal get_amount() now it is returning [(Decimal(‘1950.00′), ’06/16/2020’), (Decimal(‘4500.00′), ’06/16/2020’)] I want the list to be returned as formatted how can i do that ‘${:0,.2f}’.format(Decimal(‘1950.00’) which is in my list) so the end result would be like

saving appended list/dictionary to pandas dataframe

I am working on a code like below, which slices the address column. For this I have created a dictionary and created an empty list final to append all the pre processing.see code After preprocessing I am appending the empty list. Now, I want to update the df_dict with the final list. and convert the df_dict to pandas dataframe. sample