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Tag: printing

Usage of a dictionary, Right or wrong?

I’m creating a car sales program and need to use a dictionary, I have a basic understanding of them. Would it be efficient to hold the car name as a string for the key, then store the relevant cars selling price in the values through a list? for example, Can this work? Is there a better usage for the dictionary?

Why I can’t create a cups connection in my raspberry pi using python?

I want to use python code to print to my printer. I installed all the required module but it’s not running. The error I got is I got the code from the internet here’s the code my expected output is like this EPSON_LX-300 usb://EPSON/LX-300+?serial=L010209081 RICOH_Aficio_SP_100 usb://RICOH/ Aficio?serial=T382M977983 but I received an error. Answer you wouldn’t have installed cups instead of

How to output above the last printed line?

Is there a way in python to print something in the command line above the last line printed? Or, similarly to what I want to achieve, remain the last line intact, that is, not overwrite it. The goal of this is to let the last line in the command line a status/precentage bar. Output example: Next refresh: Next refresh: Answer

Python print indentations

In Python 3.x how do you print an indent of white space, the method I am looking for looked something like this should print: repeating answer from below: thanks to @sudo_coffee for t or maybe: Answer sorry guys, think I found the answer, thanks to @sudo_coffee for t or maybe: