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Print output for data list python

I am trying to print an output but I just can’t figure out method. and I am trying to get an output like this: output I don’t really understand array and I have tried a few methods but failed to output it as the image shows. If possible, I would need some explanation too because I want to learn rather

How do I print name of array in Python?

I have few arrays, in my code. I wanna be able to change, which I am using in one place, and to be able to print name of it only changing one line (definition). Example: Now I want to have in print being to able call XYZ array not my_array. So I don’t have to change it twice, but It

why returning None in functions python?

first image I was having problem when I run this code I raise exception in function then why none is printing sec image And in this case none is not printing.. pls help Answer when a python function does not have a return statement it automatically return None. In the first image, the print(numcheck(5)) pass the assert but the function

Usage of a dictionary, Right or wrong?

I’m creating a car sales program and need to use a dictionary, I have a basic understanding of them. Would it be efficient to hold the car name as a string for the key, then store the relevant cars selling price in the values through a list? for example, Can this work? Is there a better usage for the dictionary?

How to stop Python from truncating print statements?

I have a print statement that prints a very long big Pandas DataFrame series out, but I need all the information. When printing, Python gives 0 [{This is a long stateme…..}] 1 [{This is a long stateme…..}] and terminates the print statement with dots. I want to see the entire print statement without Python terminating it short, is there a

Python – Trouble printing to CSV

My code seems to be outputting the list I want, however, when I try printing the list to CSV I do not get the same result on the .csv file for some reason. I am sure there’s something not right at the end of my code. Could anyone please shed some light? Thanks in advance. Answer I have not used