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Dictionary of np arrays

I am working on a load function that loads files containing one pandas dataframe per file (or even better one np array). I.e. I am loading a .csv file and I want to link it to only one array variable. This function takes as input one dictionary containing the name I want (as key) the variable to take and the

How to stop Recursion and return answer?

This is a sudoku solver function and I have 2 questions: Why 2nd print print the original sudoku? How can I get the sudoku solution (not print it), because I want to reuse the solution. (I have tried using return sudoku but get None) Thanks:) Answer Maybe it is not elegant but I use global list all_solutions and append duplicated

Python3 exec, why returns None?

When the code below this text, and returns the result None why? with open(‘’, ‘rb’) as file: ff = compile(, ‘’, ‘exec’) snip_run = exec(ff, locals()) if ‘result’ in locals(): …